Zen Pets & Hemp Oil for Pet Anxiety

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or inflammation? Populum's Zen Pets may be the hemp oil solution you're looking for.

Mauja’s anxiety is something we’ve been tackling for a long time. At around 8 months of age, we went into our local Petco, something we had done a million times before, and she crawled onto one of the shelves and hid. This happened again and again and in more and more places.

We started working with a trainer, attempting to desensitize her to the things that caused her anxiety. Unfortunately, things continued to decline. We tried several supplements and various combinations to help with the desensitization until we finally resorted to Prozac. As much as I hated to put her on medication, it was the first time we saw progress. She still has a long way to go, but she is definitely more relaxed than she used to be.

Mauja has been on Prozac for approximately two years while we searched for a better solution. Every time I learn about a product we haven’t tried before, I’m eager to test it out. The problem with most supplements is that they are in treat form, which Mauja can be extremely particular about, especially when she’s stressed.

When it comes to natural supplements, there are a variety of options. However, we typically prefer products containing hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, derived from hemp plants, is a non-psychoactive oil containing extracts of natural compounds, such as phytocannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds help to regulate and stabilize your body by interacting with our internal receptors and nervous system.

Hemp oil is extracted from high-CBD, low-THC cannabis, meaning it will not get you high and is safe for all ages. It has been found to have several uses:

  • Eczema treatment
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • And several other uses

Populum Zen Pets

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or inflammation? Populum's Zen Pets may be the hemp oil solution you're looking for.

If you have a pet that suffers from anxiety or you suffer yourself, I’m sure you have seen hemp oil products around. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right one. All hemp oil products are not created equally.

Pet Hemp Oil is created using just three ingredients:

  • Hemp oil. Populum’s CO2 extracted pure hemp oil is derived from 100% USA grown hemp. The hemp oil is non-concentrated and thoroughly tested for consistency and purity.
  • Hemp seed oil.  Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, hemp seed oil is considered one of nature’s perfectly balanced oils.
  • Extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil helps keep the digestive tract functioning properly and boosts immunity.

Aside from using only a few natural ingredients, my favorite thing about Zen Pets is that it is a liquid supplement. Rather than hope that Mauja will be willing to eat a treat in her stressed out state, I can simply place a few drops on her tongue. If your dog doesn’t have an issue with taking treats or supplements, you can simply put a few drops on your dog’s food.

We’ve been using Zen Pets in addition to Prozac for the last few months while we continue to work on desensitization. So far, we’ve been really pleased with the results. Mauja is less anxious in social situations and is more adaptable. She also hasn’t been getting triggered as easily. I’m hoping to taper out the Prozac soon!

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Does your dog suffer from anxiety or inflammation? Populum's Zen Pets may be the hemp oil solution you're looking for.

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22 comments on “Zen Pets and Hemp Oil for Pet Anxiety”

  1. Oh poor Mauja! Icy had some mild anxiety too and a hemp derived in treat form worked so well for her. I really hope this product works for Mauja to a point where you can eliminate the prozac, that would be so awesome. This oil sounds like a great product! I pinned & tweeted, thanks for sharing!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them.

  2. Mauja is so cute! I tried CBD products for my younger dog, who also has anxiety, but sadly they don’t seem to help him all that much. It takes the edge off a bit for him, but I wish it did more. It does, however, really help my older dog with his arthritis pain. We’ve been able to completely take my older dog off prescription pain medication and he plays like a puppy again!

  3. Good article and I love the fact that the product is from hemp grown in the United States. I want to try it for Andy, who has a very hard time with blood draws. I also really see your point about the value of the liquid form. Thanks!

  4. Hi
    Your post concerns me. There have been no documented studies to show that hemp oil has any effect on anxiety. What you are likely seeing is a sedation effect. Something completely different to the actions of Fluoxetine.

    It would be worthwhile contacting your veterinarian for further guidance.
    All the best…Mauja is gorgeous.

  5. My heart goes out to you and Mauja. I have dealt with a dog that had anxiety and it’s not only difficult but heartbreaking for all involved. I’m happy you were able to find some help and see a difference with the prozac and hope that the Hemp oil continues to work and you can tapper off the prozac.

  6. I absolutely am a huge supported of hemp for animals. There is a multitude of benefits and I love seeing more and more people are open to the possibility. My Anatolian Shepherd mix has anxiety and has benefitted from CBD treats. More, there are equine-related products that we can use on horses. Glad to hear you and your dog are getting the help you need.

  7. Glad to see that pet hemp oil has only natural ingredients. Coconut oil is definitely good for dogs! I might get it this year and see how Babu does, since he gets anxious with loud noises around.

  8. My dog Sophie is very anxious in the car and also going for walks. As a result, she stays home more than the other dogs because it just isn’t fun for her (or us) to take her places. I’d love to see if this helps her!

  9. We’ve also tried treats with hemp in them and they made my pup throw up but I’ve also given her some hemp in pill form and in some coconut oil or sneaking it in with a high value treat seems to work but it only makes her stop whining not shop shaking in anxiety inducing situations so I might have to give this one a go because like you said they are all made differently!

  10. I am a huge fan of items that help with anxiety. I have a Vizsla/Labrador who gets seperation anxiety so badly. I may have to order this and try this with her. Right now we are using Vetcomposure pills.

  11. Our dog has a lot of anxiety. I would love to try this product with her to see if it helps! Thank you for sharing, I had never heard of this before.

  12. I swear by the results of CBD time and time again over anything prescribed in the re of Prozac! Hopefully you can come to an alternative for you guys !

  13. This is very interesting. I to, have a dog with severe anxiety. Changes in routine, new people in the home, loud noises (including bubble wrap popping) cause her to either barker run away and hide. It would be interesting to see how she would react with the use of hemp oil. It may be something I try!

  14. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. These tips are really helpful for everyone. I also want to share my experince which is also helpful to you for choosing te best options for you. No other choice can be better than CBD Essence if you want to buy CBD Hemp seed oil capsules. Their edible cannabis CBD-only products are specially created to be more highly absorptive and assimilated compared to competitors’ oils and resins that simply are not readily absorbed in full by the stomach when taken orally. Hurry Up ! visit https://cbdessence.net

  15. Pinky Lou is so scared of everything. Loud noises, bubble wrap, even the sound of someone blowing a kiss. She is getting older and doesn’t even want to deal with her brother, Socks, our Tuxedo cat anymore. She seems to be cranky all of the time. I have noticed that she is a lot slower going up the stairs and sometimes crys to avoid going up them. I received my bottle of Zen Pets this morning and gave her the first dose. Let’s see how it works for her. I was wondering, is this safe for humans as well? Being that it has just hemp seed oil and coconut oil. I, too, have severe arthritis and would feel so dumb purchasing a bottle of cbd oil for myself if we can actually share it. Please don’t think I’m bonkers but I’ve seen the prices of pure cbd oil and it is very expensive. Any suggestions would be great! Hope you all have a happy new year.

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