You might have a Great Pyrenees if...

You Might Have a Great Pyrenees If…

1. You wear a suit of white fur everywhere you go. You probably find that fur in your food (it’s a condiment, right?). You find white fur in your office, your car, and even on your friends clothes. Sorry, not sorry, guys.

2. Your dog is frequently mistaken for a “white Newfoundland” or, more commonly, a polar bear. There’s also Santa Paws, Olaf, and Falkor.

3. You keep your house on the cool side, even in the winter, to ensure your fluffy butt is comfortable. Pan to me in front of the fireplace, under a heated blanket, clutching a mug of hot chocolate…

Great Pyrenees

4. You have a scar on your face from being whacked with a giant pyr paw. It was a loving paw, of course, and you’ll always have the mark to remember it.

5. You feel like a celebrity when you’re out with your dog. People flock to pet your dog making it impossible to get from point A to point B in decent time. You don’t care – it brightens your day to talk about your beloved furbaby. People secretly (or not so secretly) snap photos with your dog. #celebridog

You might have a Great Pyrenees if you feel like a celebrity when you're out and about with your pyr. #celebridogs

6. You’ve snorted *insert beverage of choice* out of your nose when a stranger asked your dog to sit and instead your dog casually walked away. A remark about a lack of training was probably made, but you were laughing too hard to care.

7. You’ve become immune to the sound of barking. Your neighbor kindly (or not so kindly) informs you of the noise you no longer hear.

8. Speaking of barking – You turn up the volume on the television rather than try and quiet the bark fest. You know you’ll never win.

9. You twisted your ankle from tripping in a giant crater your dog gifted you with.

You might have a Great Pyrenees if you twisted your ankle from a pyr crater.

10. You’re constantly looking for the holy grail of vacuum cleaners that will withstand your pyr fur (and not die in a few months), but you haven’t had any luck so far. PS – Currently accepting recommendations.

11. You’ve experienced a true love and deep devotion that you never imagined existed.

So tell me – what are some other signs that you have a Great Pyrenees?

You might have a Great Pyrenees if...

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  1. We rescued a lab/pyr mix (more pyr the lab)…lol….his given name is cooper but his nick name is ‘Bear’ you know you own a pry when you can sweep your kitchen floor and have enough hair to knit a scarf! I have to sweep my kitchen/dinning room at least twice a day but wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • One of my boys likes to “stand up” (jumps up and puts his front paws on my shoulders) when he’s feeling a little insecure, especially in crowded public places. There are frequently audible gasps from the people around me when suddenly my dog is as tall as I am.

  2. You sit on a tiny little square of the sofa , with his /her body draped over you and taking up the rest of the piece of furniture.

    • I cannot stop laughing at this one. Our contractor met our 2 pyrs when they double teamed him on “crotch patrol”. Now everytime he comes in the house he spends 10 minutes with the dogs before going to work.
      I am so happy to learn this is a trait and not that we have perverts.

      • Both of mine like to goose people. My older boy used to frequently stick his nose, rather forcefully, up EVERYONE’s butt, until I started throwing a leg out backward and telling my coworkers to do the same. He still gooses unsuspecting strangers on occasion. Good thing he’s so adorably charming that they never get mad.

    • Lol. Mine will lay down in front of door and i cant get out. (Afraid of hurting him) and of corse he wont get up when i tell him to. Oh no no no !

      • Lol. Mine will lay down in front of door and i cant get out. (Afraid of hurting him) and of corse he wont get up when i tell him to. Oh no no no !!!

  3. The local birds and squirrels have the warmest, softest, 5 star accommodations for their nests and bird houses. Pyr fur makes the best bedding!

    Visit us for pics at IG: @FrannieGreene IG: @SeaGreeneGirl #TownPyr

  4. #4 – Had to go to the ER for a “corneal abrasion” thanks to the pyr paw.

    Use a Dyson several times a day for the past 3 years and only have to cut fur out of the brushes every once in a while.

    • I just had an ER trip but my corneal abrasion was a pyr hair stuck in my cornea…..!!!!! When the eye doctor pulled it out, he asked, ‘Does this look familiar?’ And my husband and I just said in unison….’Oh,yeah….”

      • My Pyr/Akbash cross has the strangest fur! It’s short but sharp. They implant themselves in the soles of my feet!! Thought I was the only one!

  5. I love reading all of these! I love how after a big drink of water you can set your watch for the enormous human sounding belch!

  6. I love this post. We returned to our trusty Rainbow vacuum this month. We don’t have a Great Pyr, but we have four shedding dogs (still not the same) and the Rainbow is the only thing that gets all the hair. Crazy expensive, but you can get them for a great price on Craigslist, because they last forever.

    We had a choice of spending $3000 or $250. We spent $250 6 years ago and it’s still going strong.

  7. Your best bet on a vacuum is a Kirby. Not sold in stoores. They are very expensive and heavy, but they will do the job. Have a salesman come and demonstrate one.

  8. Also, the KMirby I had lasted me 30 years! The reason I didn’t get another is thqat as I got into my 70s it became too heavy for me to push and carry,

  9. Love this post! As for vacuums’s we use a Hoover WindTunnel pet it works really well for us but we only have a small dog and a cat though I am amazed with the amount of hair it picks up. We bought it after the Dyson broke just after warranty was up and figured we could buy 4 Hoovers for the price of a new Dyson.

  10. You might be owned by a pyr if one of the kindergarteners at your school goes home and tells his mother, “Mom, Mrs. West has a pet polar bear and she walks it on a leash!”

    • Mine doesn’t like treats! Boy was she hard to train! Lol she doesn’t paw either…thank god! What I love is when they look at you to decide if your right or they are! But she knows I’m serious when I say ‘now!’ Lol

  11. Awesome post!!! Hope to one day add a pyr to our border collie, GSD mix, and pittie mix home. Love them!!! (I love livestock and herding dogs in general)

  12. When you watch for your luggage on the carousel at the airport and know it by the clumps of white hair trapped in the wheels!

  13. I know what you mean about vacuums, but we have the Kenmore Progressive Canister and it really does work great. And we’ve had it for 5 years. Our Pyr hasn’t clogged it yet…

    • I was waiting for someone else to comment about the Kenmore progressive! Best vacuum I’ve ever had to tangle with Pyr fur! And we vacuum nearly every day!

      • I really agree with the Kenmore Progressive. Ours has been trouble-free for at least 2 years, and does a great job picking up the fur.

  14. Rainbow seems to be the best vacuum cleaner. I used a 1979 model bought new in 1983, we just purchased a new one 2015 my Christmas present. We have had 3 or more pyrs going in 11 years. My mom and still use the 1979 rainbow, it’s our backup. When we have our new ones cleaned about every 2 years.

  15. Your Pyr knows when you put the rake or broom or anything else back one inch from where it previously was….and barks at it just to let it know he knows.

  16. When you go to look for a new vehicle and it ends up needing to meet more of their needs than the rest of the families

  17. You know you have a Pyr when your future son-in-law makes your daughter a duvet stuffed with her Pyr’s fur to keep her warm and company while away at school for a year!
    You know you have a Pyr when you sit down for dinner and she lays her chin on the table beside you while staring mournfully at your food.
    I always sweep my carpets BEFORE vacuuming. It’s amazing how much is pulled up into “rolls” by a broom. Have had Hoover central vac. and it’s held up well.

  18. Hey, my beautiful girl is 6 months old now. I absolutely love this site, I have learned so much from it . I actually found an amazing vacuum that has lasted this long. It’s the shark rotator, all kinds of attachments, its great at cleaning up all the pyr fur. 🙂

  19. We have a Dyson and love it! We have vacuumed our floors and couch multiple times a day (we have a Pyr/Golden mix and a Toller) for 3 years now and it’s still going strong!

  20. YOU MIGHT BE OWNED BY A PYR IF…..the seats of your vehicle are covered with drool runs from fluffy heads and big panting mouths.

    This post, seriously, was right on. Every single one of these has happened to me, and I truly can not walk around the block with them without 100 questions. (and i secretly love it)

    BTW, Our Dyson seems to be working… but we don’t have a lot of carpet – mostly hardwoods. We have a Pyr & a Pyr/Malamute mix. TONS of fur. We call them the fluff monsters. The pyr is called our “Polar Puppy” (she’s not a year yet).

    BTW – NEVER buy a Miehle. They are expensive and have great suction. The suction is so strong because they narrowed the openings…. and that means it clogs easily. After paying $1200 for one, and then several more hundred to constantly have it cleaned / fixed, I finally told the repair guy I would pay him $1K to beat it to a pulp with a sledge hammer and send me the video.

    … he didn’t….

    • Whoa…I so disagree ! I have a miele…best vacuum ever , especially with the dog hair bar…easy to clean…don’t really understand your problem with it..and it has a 7 year warranty…even handles my Cisco’s hair…I recommend…

      • Yes, a second vote for Miele! I also have a large rubber rake (bought it from the carpet cleaner guy), between that and the Miele, we’re set!

  21. This is brilliant… had me laughing from line #1 😀 No, I don’t own a Pyr — I live in the Caribbean; it would constitute animal cruelty — but this rang true, at all sorts of levels, for several of my 7 dogs (all rescues, all mutts). Except for the size. The largest is 25kg (around 13 lb) — which must seem like a Toy Poodle to you 😀 Seriously, it’s fabulous to come across a fellow dog lover. I found you via the A to Z list; hope you’re still doing the challenge (didn’t see the badge… but I wasn’t really looking, not after catching sight of a certain adorable, furry face), but either way I’ll be back. Often.
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  22. When you are 5’3 110 lbs but you have to have a king size bed because how would your pyr ever be comfortable in a normal sized bed?!

  23. When you fill a bucket pester and by the end of the day you realize you filled it more than four times. Mine drinks water every 10 to 15 min. I’m so in love with him.

  24. When you fill a bucket with water and by the end of the day you realize you filled it more than four times. Mine drinks water every 10 to 15 min. I’m so in love with him.

  25. I have 2. Best vacuum EVER shark rotator.have had mine a little over 3 yrs. Its has to be emptied 5 or 6 times in a 1300sq ft house. But atleast it gets the hair up.

  26. Great Post!! We have 2, a 5 year old female and a 9 month old male. We had another 5 year old male who was the sibling of the 5 yo female../. but he had bone cancer last year. Anyhow, we took out the carpet and replaced it with hard wood floors, except for the area rugs I’ve had to put down so the female can sit at my feet and not “slip” on the floor – like defective pads or something. THEN, we use the shop vac as the vacuum and then have a regular vacuum to do the area rugs I can’t shake out or throw in the washer.

  27. Aw, sorry about your boy…I lost my first Pyr, Nacho, to bone cancer too…A Miele vac works great here, even on Cisco’s long hair shedding….and he’s a hopeless cookie monster…the only thing to make him move fast is a dog cookie…we have to spell out c-o-o-k-i-e….when discussing the subject…

  28. My ancestors are from the pyrenees. My oldest pyrenee is my main service dog, and she sits and lays down and loads up on my command only. If I want her to stop barking I thank her, say “je sais, je sais” (i know, i know), tell her she is good, and tell her to lay down. Since she is the barking, nazi-sensing, guardian expert I usually trust her judgement and appreciate the protection. If you train them through negotiation with all positivity and love, they will never let you down. I bought her a perfect truck the day after I found her with zero down at zero percent interest. I basically just had them hand over the keys for her. Granted, I needed the truck, too. They live in the coolest place in the U.S. during the summer, but I drive with six windows open or the A/c on. I have wooden floors and don’t own a vacuum, and have never once brushed them, and couldn’t vacuum or brush anyway due to disability. A broomer and groomer is enough twice or so a year, along with lots of river trips. What the pyrenees shed everywhere are goat poo pellets off their coats. They prefer, and get, to stay outside most of the time guarding everyone, and the mcnab follows me around inside like a creepy shadow until a pyrenee calls her outside to chase something. Mcnabs and pyrenees go quite well together, and are both impressively intelligent breeds. My pyrenees love Euskara, the basque language, which is the native language of the pyrenees. One of their service dog tasks is also to promote social interaction. I love telling people, “she is a miniature polar bear” over and over, because I love to call them “miniature.” You may own a pyrenee if you, your family, and all smaller dogs are still alive after mt. Lion encounters. Mine also keep deer from jumping in front of my truck. You may on own a pyrenee if instead of fetch you play “chase that, leap around with it, and shred it to peices.” I love how babies that can barely walk will rush a pyrenee with open arms, sensing their awesome and gentle nature, while the parents sometimes fret. And you guys should have seen my pyrenee’s quick, concerned reaction when a nurse once stuck a needle in my arm to do a blood draw in the kitchen. She can also sense pain, and knows when I have had a medical procedure, blood draw, or injection that she didn’t witness. They are the most amazing dogs, and worked hard to win us WWII. You may own a pyrenee if someone asked you to rescue one. You may own a pyrenee beacuse of a cartoon you watched as a kid. You may own a pyrenee if your culture and language have been intact for thousands of years.

  29. You might have a great pyr if you never go anywhere without a hand towel to wipe off the drool he tends to spread over everything in his path. I’ve been slimed!

  30. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve disassembled the vacuum, cleaned it and reassembled it.

    I have been counting the number of Roomba vacuums one dog has killed. Three to date.

  31. You know you own a Pyr when you put on a clean pair of pants and it is quickly christened with a smear of dirt encrusted drool.

  32. After spending 2 years with 2 pyrs, we got smart and pulled up all carpet except for bedrooms. Dogs are so happy with the Italian tile I wish we had done it sooner. The vac I depend on most is a $50 Bissell bagged which works on carpet like a charm. We have a couple of expensive vacs that are bagless which we rarely use.

  33. You know your have when you see her standing in the water bucket and then rolls in the dirt..and soon both of you look like mud wrestlers. She is even funnier when playing with the smaller dogs and she wins because she will just sit down on them…a great “funny home videos”.

  34. I love my pyrenees, Princesa … We have her for over 11 years …. Yes it’s true there’s lots of hair in the house …. But she is a sweet dog and friendly … A gread companion , I will miss her terribly when she’s gone. But I thanks God for given us the pleasure of having a pet like Princesa .

  35. You own a pyr if your dog really only responds to you when you add Dammit to their name. Mine really only listens when she is Dammitsophie – or there are cookies involved.
    You own a pyr if you cook every night and take ridiculously high, knee-lifting steps when you move around the kitchen because you are used to huge white bodies draped everywhere.
    Fun post!
    My fuzz butt drives me crazy, but she my third one and I don’t think I could have any other kind of dog.

  36. You know you own a Pyrenees when they come to check on you in the middle of the night and put there nose in your ear and “woof”. And when you get up to go to the bathroom they take your place on the bed and pretend to be asleep on your pillow.

  37. You might have a great pyrenese if your fluffy white shadow is too big to fit in the front of your 2 seater truck. Or if he kills skunks & rolls on them only to come back smelling like a nightmare but gives you that look. You know the look… like he’s saying “I put Cologne on! Don’t I smell handsome!! Want some?!!” Then proceeds to rub against you. Yes. You may just have a great pyrenese if you have this in your life. A big fluffy white shadow that cant fit into some areas, occasionally smells horrible but their love is GREAT. That’s why they are called great pyrenese not mediocre pyrenese!

  38. You know you are truckin’ with a Pyr when your car windows are always convered in sprays of slobber and globber and that’s how you identify it in a parking lot

  39. I have went through a number of vacuums and I got the Hoover – WindTunnel Air HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum in January of this year and it is still going strong. It works amazing for their hair and dirt they like to shed 🙂 I love your articles they capture everything I didn’t know how to put into words about the breed.

  40. Coming to terms that my Pyr will be bigger than me one day. I’m 5″3 and he is only 8 months and his paws can reach my shoulders when he stands up. Also, just accepting that his fur will be forever accessory of mine.

  41. You know you own a pyr when you have to rake a squeegee across the carpet before vacuuming.
    (That’s my tip…. I gave up on putting all the responsibility on a vacuum). You know you own a pyr when a slight breeze blows through the windows and your house looks like a scene from an old black and white western movie…. white tumbleweeds EVERYWHERE.

  42. Number 10 made me laugh out loud!!!! Having 3 of them I have learned to watch where I walk; but it seems one is ALWAYS hiding a hole somewhere!!!!
    I love when my male decides to bark (he only barks if he feels there is a reason, unlike my females who do bark at sketchy leaves lol); He will block me from checking…. and I can’t calm him down until I do check…. it is a tug of war there!!!

  43. I’ve been using a shop vac with a dog brush attachmrnt. HE loves it and it really cuts down on the floating fur balls. Also takes care of the leaves and other debris that comes with his romps in the woods.m

  44. When we are in bed, if Princess feels that she’s not getting the proper amount of attention, she will pop us with her “Pyr Paw” until we give her attention.
    If we come in a room, she will shove up against us, it’s her way of giving us “hugs”. Chloe just will sit next to you, and bump you with her booper for attention.

    My wife has a Dyson, it seems to keep up with the fur… (yeah, right!)

  45. When a storm is coming and they start crying long before the thunder starts. My poor huge baby “Klondike” is scared to death of thunder. He cries loudly the whole time.

  46. We lost our gorgeous Harley-boy at 7yrs old from a weird bone cancer…his paw swelled up to the size of mans head…so sad 🙁 He was my hero & was my great protector bc of his size. I am only 4’10” & about 104 lbs. One summer day, I went to answer our cabin door & being all alone I was somewhat hesitant. I opened it & there stood 2 guys who I had no idea who they were. They did look abit scary to me…tatooed from head to toe & chains hanging from their pockets. Before I could even ask what or whom they were asking for…130 lbs of Harley bolted from across our deck to directly in front of the screen door that I hadn’t yet opened and he totally blocked me from opening it. He felt like a 130 lb log pressed up against mmy feet & legs! Come to find out…they were looking for the former owner of our cabin, as they had been employees of his. Whew!! Harley boy must’ve sensed my nervousness & I definitely felt pretty vulnerable, but also very thankful that my big furry friend and hero was there for me that day…BIG time!
    So…you know you love a Pyrenees when he’s more intimidating than a bar bouncer! 😉

  47. You drink coffee with Pyrenees hair.
    You carefully step over your Pyrenees rather than ash her to move.
    You get up at 3:00 in the morning to sit with her because she’s afraid of thunder.
    She attends every meal with her heal on your lap and peeks through you arm to let you know she shouldn’t be ignored.
    She always brings fresh grass clippings in the house and spreads them when she wags her tail.

  48. We have a Great Pyr/Golden Retriever mix. Looks like a Golden, acts like a Pyr. Thought he was dumb as a box of rocks until I did some research on the breed. As far as vacuums, we use a shark, but our pup is terrified of it! He always runs and hides as soon as I pull it out.

  49. You know you have a pyr when:
    -You drive with the windows down and can see the fur flying like snow into the car behind you
    -If you have had other breeds and never experienced full communication and understanding just by looking into their eyes until you did so with a pyr
    – You swear your dog could fill a lake with the amount of pee they have in a day
    – The gray or black interior of your car is now white
    – All of the Velcro in your house no longer works because of all the white fur stuck in it
    – you feel safe no matter where you go with your pyr
    – your dryer trap no longer has lint after every cycle, instead it is hair and there is still hair on your clothes
    – your clothes somehow have pyr hair woven in them like a stitch (how does this happen!?!)
    – you brush your dog and your neighbor asks if you shaved them

    • One more:
      When you are out for a walk and another dog starts acting aggressive towards your pyr and you hear the owner say “that is not a fight you would win *insert other dogs name here*” (or something along those lines) no mattrer the size/breed of the other dog

  50. My Yuki loves to open presents. He shreds paper and tosses it aside. He never eats it. Yuki also believes that he is a lap dog. He is so confident and has a unique relationship with each family member. Lint rollers are a staple in my house. He loves to claim people when they wear dark colors. Great Pyr = Joy and unconditional love.

  51. You know you have a pyr, or a pyrador, in my case, when you attempt to leave the house and he firmly plants his large body right in front of the door to block you from leaving and refuses to move or respond to command. I chuckle every time.

  52. You know you have a Pyr in the house when you take your laundry out of the washer and dryer. Almost more hair than laundry. Even though we owned and showed Pyrs for years we still laugh. Now too old and infirm to deal with the big guys. Have 2 Papillons and 4 cats, still have HAIR.

  53. You know you have a great pyrneese when every time you walk into the door, they stand up and hug you…. and also 1 min being away from them feels like the whole day

  54. It is great to know that there are others that laugh at the same things we do! People think we are crazy to deal with the hair but we can’t imagine our lives without our great pyrs now!
    These articles have made me cry laughing with total understanding!

  55. There is an outline of a snout made with drool on your thigh. When you tell people they are used for livesotck guard dogs you have to explain how something so sweet and gentle can break a coyote in two with one bite, if provoked. And the inevitable….”how did they get two dew claws”?

  56. We had to buy a sofa and get rid of our recliners just for our pyr. Our house is actually his he just allows us to dwell here.

  57. You mentioned that you were looking for a vacuum that will hold up to pyr fur. The Dyson is amazing. 8 years of heavy fur and still going strong. Kind of pricey, but worth every penny. I adopted a rescue Pyr / St. Bernard mix. 160 pounds of pure love. With two asthmatics in the house, the vacuum was extremely important. When he ate the cord (twice), they replaced it in less than 48 hours and gave me a loaner machine to use while they fixed it. Wonderful customer service. Off-brand replacement parts and attachments are available on Amazon for a lot less than the Dyson brand ones.

  58. When you drive your son to school bundled up, with your car seat heaters on, and heat on max but, the back window is down and a big white dog has his head out the window even in 24 degree weather! Oh, and you keep your house at 65 so your dog is comfortable and you have an electric blanket in eveyroom of your house!
    We love our Titus!!!❤️

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