We all have different reasons for loving this beautiful breed, but here are a few common reasons for loving Great Pyrenees!

People always ask me why I love the Great Pyrenees breed, so I thought it would be fun to poll other pyr owners to see their responses. Here are the most popular reasons that people love Great Pyrenees (in no particular order).

Loyal. In the good times and bad, a pyr will always be at your side.

Protective. A pyr would give his life to protect you. Coyotes, bears, and untrustworthy people are no match for a Great Pyrenees.

Great family dog. Their gentle nature makes them great with children, the elderly, special needs, and everywhere in between.

Great PyreneesPyr paw.  Have you ever taught a dog to shake only to have the dog continually offer their paw in hopes of a treat? Well, pyrs do this without being taught shake. Imagine being whacked by a giant pyr paw. We pyrents love it 🙂

Independent. Pyrs were bred to work without the need for human intervention. While they’re not highly trainable, we love their intelligence and instincts.

Low odor. The Great Pyrenees has a self-cleaning coat which has minimal oils. This leads them to be a very low odor dog.

Great PyreneesSensitive. For being such a large, strong dog,  pyrs have a very sensitive personality that makes them even more endearing.

Intuitive. They always ‘just know’.

Beauty. The Great Pyrenees is absolutely breath-taking.

Broad personality. Cuddle bug one minute and guard dog the next, the pyr can easily switch between roles.

Expressiveness. Between their stunning smile and soulful eyes, you can always tell how a pyr is feeling.

Great PyreneesGentle. As livestock guardians, they were bred to tolerate animals of all sizes and ages. It’s not uncommon to see a pyr wrestle with a Great Dane and then lie calmly to play with a Pomeranian.

Versatile. A livestock guardian dog living in the country protecting his flock or a therapy dog living in the city. A pyr is happy either way.

Butt swagger. Nuff said.

Why do you love Great Pyrenees?

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We all have different reasons for loving this beautiful breed, but here are a few common reasons for loving Great Pyrenees!

24 comments on “Why Do You Love Great Pyrenees?”

  1. Those are all wonderful reasons to love a Pyr! While I think I will always have medium sized dogs like Blueberry (cattle dogs and cattle dog mixes have some pretty amazing qualities too) – I’ve always dreamed of owning a larger Newf, Pyr, or Great Dane. I love giant dogs!

  2. Some really great reasons. While I will probably always have small to medium size dogs, that would definitely be one I would consider after reading this. And they are incredibly beautiful.

  3. They are a constant source of joy and entertainment. Our two Pyrenees always “herd us” when we spend quality time with them. You pet one and the other pushes in to get her pets too. 🙂

    Our “pyrs” live for body rubs.

  4. Loyal? Pyrs loyal? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Funny! They have no problem leaving you and moving on to the next person. They wouldn’t try and track you down if you left them behind, they;d just go to the next person with food. Amazing dogs and very protective but loyal? Not!

    • Interesting, but I’m going to have to disagree with that. My two are attached to my hip no matter the situation. Loyalty was a very popular trait chosen by other pyr owners.

    • I have to disagree, we use to go to the uwharrie to trail ride, the first time I took my Our he was 6 months old, he followed the horses about a mile in to the woods and disappeared. We looked Everywhere for him! After about 8 hrs on the trails we retired back to camp just to find him laying in front of the horse trailer waiting on us. Not only did he have to find his way out of the woods but knew our truck and trailer waiting patiently for our return after 8 hours!

  5. You taught me something – I never knew about “low odor” and I laughed because Leo too had “butt swagger” This was a great post – perhaps I will do one on Goldendoodles one day. Take care, thanks for making me smile…

  6. I love it when our Pyr Angus talks – and he is quite the talker, especially around mealtime. He has also helped us in getting across the yard quicker – well, it is either that or get the Pyr “goose” …..

  7. Mine is mixed with Anatolian shepherd….and she stinks! So I can’t go the low odor…she doesn’t paw….hates water….and is not a cuddler……otherwise she’s protective, bull headed, talkative, and a walking fur distributor….but I love her to pieces!

  8. We have a 1/4 border collie and 3/4 pyr dog. He is amazing :). So full of personality. He is smart like no other dog :). He loves to cuddle and play and is protective and beautiful 🙂

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