I really love being a part of the pet blogging community. I’m only in my first year of It’s Dog or Nothing, but I’m quickly learning that there is a huge community aspect to the blogging world. I’ve made so many virtual friends to share the highs and lows of life.

When I learned about the yearly tradition of the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange hosted by Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes, I knew I had to be a part of it. What an incredible way to show our support for our fellow blogging friends.

I was randomly matched up with Tiffany from Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs. I had always wondered where her blog’s name came from, but I never really took the time to look into it. Originally under the name “Cattle Aussies”, Tiffany felt the title was confusing to her readers. Signing her name along with her dogs’ names became tedious (she has three!), so she shorted it to “Tiffany & Co.”. Well, that name is problematic as well since it is a huge jewelry company! Tiffany followed the jewelry theme to create Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs because her dogs are truly diamonds in the rough. How pyrfect!

Tiffany is a photography major, business minor, and dog trainer in progress who writes about her three furry companions: Bella the Blue Heeler, Terra the Australian Shepherd, and Kronos the Australian Cattle Dog/Cesky Terrier X. She shares information and stories about dog fashion, pet nutrition, product reviews, an active lifestyle, and so much more!

I love seeing the adorable pictures Tiffany is able to capture of her pups. It’s obvious she knows what she’s doing! Her posts are always informative and interesting at the same time.

Currently, Kronos and Bella are excelling in the contest world. Kronos is looking to be on the cover of Modern Dog Magazine and Bella is a semi-finalist in the Lord of the Castle Contest. Head to the contest section to learn how to vote!

I’ve loved getting to know a fellow blogger a bit better and I hope you will go check out Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs! She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

A special thanks to Pamela for organizing this wonderful event!

9 comments on “Pet Blogger Gift Exchange – Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs”

  1. I also love Tiffany’s amazing photographs. Now that I’ve fostered an Australian cattle dog puppy, I know how amazing her camera skills are. Aussies never stand still!

    Thanks so much for your lovely post on Tiffany and her diamond dogs for the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled when she sees it.

    Now I’m off to vote for Bella!

  2. I love Tiffany’s blog – and I still remember giving a bit “squee!” moment aloud when I was browsing through Buzzfeed and saw Kronos’ lovely face on the sidebar! He’s one of the cute or not dogs and of course I voted cute as hard as I possible could.

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