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Life with big, fluffy, white dogs is messy.

Really messy.

Great Pyrenees

You just can’t avoid it. We always have to deal with white fur and/or dark mud. Factor in the leaves, grass, and sticks that get caught in their fur and we’re never short of nature wherever we are.

I’ve been looking into SUV Cargo Liners for a long time, but I haven’t taken the plunge into buying one. When I received the opportunity to try the SUV Cargo Liner from 4Knines, I obviously couldn’t turn it down! I was like a little kid on Christmas waiting for the package to arrive.


4Knines is a high-end pet focused company started by two Doberman parents, Jim and Maggie. They were having trouble finding a pet seat cover that held up against their pups so they created their own! Holy fluffy, they did an excellent job.

A common complaint with SUV Cargo Liners is that they are difficult to install. Once you finally get them set up properly, they’re almost impossible to remove for cleaning. I was amazed at how easy the SUV Cargo Liner was to install. Simply hook the straps around the headrests and you’re good to go!


There are so many features about the SUV Cargo Liner that I absolutely love:

  • Waterproof. Such a simple thing, but it’s genius. Genius. No amount of towels can protect the car from two soaking wet pyrs. Trust me, we’ve tested it. The cargo liner holds up pyrfectly.
  • Nonslip back. No sliding all over the place. It stays exactly where it should be to protect your car (especially important if you’re transporting goods).
  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe your liner down with a damp cloth or vacuum clean!
  • Bumpers. This feature is so cool. There are side flaps and an extra flap that hangs down over the rear bumper of the car to keep muddy prints off your vehicle. I will warn you… don’t leave the bumper flap sticking out if you have a chewer. Atka decided to chew a nice little hole it ours. Now we just make sure to tuck it underneath when not in use 🙂
  • Lifetime warranty. Jim and Maggie take great pride in their durable products and community so they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are firm believers in exceptional customer service to back their excellent products.
  • Supports animals. Jim and Maggie aim for continued growth in order to support local and national animal advocacy groups. Aside from donating $1 to the ASPCA for every until sold, they support other groups such as the Arizona Humane Society, Soldiers Best Friend, Marley’s Mutts, Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue, and so many more.

4Knines - Great Pyrenees

No more wet, smelly towels. Thank goodness.

So what do you think? Interested in your own SUV Cargo Liner?

4Knines is having a 20% off site-wide sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Now that’s a fluffy approved deal!

In the mean time, enter our giveaway to win your very own SUV Cargo Liner! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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19 comments on “Keep it Clean with the SUV Cargo Liner #SeatCover4Knines”

  1. I love my 4Knines seat cover. We just bought an SUV and this liner would be great to save the rear bumper from claw marks. ☺ It was so nice of your babies get to dirty for the photo shoot! BOL! ♥

  2. It really is great, isn’t it? We just love ours. Thanks for the tip on the bumper flap….I’m sure Luke would chew a hole in ours too if he got the opportunity!

    • To give Atka some credit… It did happen during our 33 hr road trip. J couldn’t believe that he had gotten a hole in it before I got the chance to take pictures!

  3. I have been looking for something like this. Our last trip to Vancouver with Bain and Harley there was dog fur ALL over the back of my friend’s new vehicle. We had blankets, but they fell on the floor of course.

    Going to look into something like this for next time.

  4. Thus is so awesome! My brother has made many cars not people friendly because of the messes & hair left behind by his dogs. He just got a brand new SUV and I’d love for it to stay looking as good for a long time! Thus is the answer to a families prayers. 😀

  5. That looks awesome! I’ll have to measure and see if the smaller one would fit in my Scion xD. It’s almost an SUV, and sure has all of the tasks of one!

  6. With big dogs those things are essential . Had one when Leo was alive. I use the Kurgo hammock for Harley in the back seat more than not, but this is one sweet giveaway for someone who doesn’t have one. Great post.

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