Great Pyrenees bark a lot - we all know that. I thought I'd compile a list of all the reasons my Great Pyrenees have barked. What has caused your pyr to bark? | It's Dog or Nothing

101 + Reasons My Great Pyrenees is Barking

As pyrents, we all know that pyrs bark. During the day time, I can normally tell what is causing them to bark. At night, I can only assume they’re barking at ghosts or zombies outside the house. I’d rather not know. Sometimes, what they’re barking at *could* be considered a true threat. Other times, well… not so much.

(psst… need help with the barking? check out this post)

Below are 101+ reasons Mauja and Atka have barked and why they are probably barking right now. Be sure to check back because I will continue to update this list in the future!

  1. A person is walking on the sidewalk behind our back yard.
  2. A dog is walking on the sidewalk behind our yard.
  3. A cat is sitting out front of the house.
  4. The blanket that was on the ottoman is now on the couch. Pyrenees disagrees with this change.
  5. A Christmas tree ornament is making sounds.
  6. There’s a bird on the tree in the yard.
  7. A kid is screaming outside the house.
  8. A grasshopper landed on the patio where Pyrenees is napping.
  9. A plastic bag just blew past the back yard.
  10. A person is wearing very large sunglasses.
  11. A person is wearing an overly large hat.
  12. A leaf fell off the tree.
  13. The doorbell rang.
  14. The doorbell on TV rang.
  15. A dog is barking on TV.
  16. TV characters are fighting loudly which Pyrenees does not like.
  17. The cabinet is overly squeaky.
  18. A bike is knocked over on the edge of our front yard.
  19. There is a large box in the middle of the walkway.
  20. A squirrel just leaped through the tree branches.
  21. I wore a hoodie with the hood up.
  22. A woman was wearing too many metal bracelets.
  23. The vacuum is sitting in the middle of the room where Pyrenees wants to be.
  24. There is a kid wearing a bike helmet with a mohawk on it.
  25. The wine cork popped.
  26. The neighbor dog was barking.
  27. There was thunder rumbling in the distance.
  28. I turned on my space heater.
  29. I moved my photography lighting while Pyrenees was nearby.
  30. A toy that Pyrenees felt wasn’t supposed to squeak squeaked.
  31. A dog 18 billion miles away barked.
  32. The wind blew some papers on the counter.
  33. The food bowl tipped over.
  34. My stuffed bear is on the floor instead of the bed.
  35. The FedEx guy dropped off a package.
  36. The FedEx guy drove away.
  37. There’s a chance the FedEx guy could still be in the vicinity so Pyrenees continues barking.
  38. The FedEx guy is definitely gone but Pyrenees continues to bark just to ensure the entire neighborhood heard the message.
  39. A bird is getting a snack from the bird feeder outside the window.
  40. The neighbor moved his RV from the driveway to the backyard.
  41. The Starbucks barista took too long to serve Pyrenees a puppaccino.
  42. A dog is most definitely in the car behind us and Pyrenees is displeased.
  43. A very tall man wanted to pet Pyrenees.
  44. A guy was shoveling his driveway.
  45. Nick decided to play his drums.
  46. A bag of dog treats is sitting on the floor rather than on the counter.
  47. I FaceTimed with a friend.
  48. I had a Skype interview and the random man in the computer was not okay (according to Pyrenees).
  49. I was jogging in place with a workout video.
  50. Nick was doing pull ups.
  51. Nick was doing push ups.
  52. I turned on the air conditioning unit.
  53. Nick is using the weed whacker.
  54. Nick is mowing the lawn.
  55. The neighbor is mowing their lawn.
  56. Someone in our massive neighborhood is mowing their lawn.
  57. We walked past a sprinkler.
  58. The woman watering her lawn moved the sprinkler.
  59. The window creaked when I opened it.
  60. There is a dog in a different room of the house that Pyrenees cannot keep an eye on.
  61. There is a cat in a different room of the house that Pyrenees cannot keep an eye on.
  62. There is a person in a different room of the house that Pyrenees cannot keep an eye on.
  63. There is a treat in a different room of the house that Pyrenees cannot get to.
  64. The gate to the backyard was open instead of closed.
  65. There’s a piece of wood leaning against the fence.
  66. The other dog didn’t want to play with Pyrenees.
  67. The hose fell out of the baby pool.
  68. I was blow-drying my hair.
  69. An airplane flew over the house.
  70. A neighbor was shooting off fireworks.
  71. A neighbor was shooting off fireworks two hours ago.
  72. I was wearing a headband.
  73. There’s a new potted plant in the house.
  74. The trash bin was moved.
  75. I was running on the treadmill.
  76. There was a statue of a dog.
  77. The river made a sound.
  78. I was using small gardening tools.
  79. There was a video playing of a baby crying (however, Pyrenees will not bark at an actual crying baby).
  80. There are new rocks under the tree in the backyard.
  81. Favorite ball is just out of reach and Pyrenees would have to get up to get it.
  82. The curtains blew shut.
  83. We were playing foosball.
  84. Someone eight blocks away is using their leaf blower.
  85. Our neighbors put a Direct TV satellite on their roof.
  86. There’s a new carpet in the house.
  87. I dropped an empty soda bottle.
  88. The wind was blowing too loudly.
  89. Our neighbors put up canopy.
  90. The wind slightly shifted the outdoor water bowl.
  91. Our neighbors had a fire going in their yard.
  92. There was a baby gate within ten feet of where Pyrenees wanted to relax.
  93. The crate was moved from one side of the room to the other.
  94. Birds were chirping early in the morning.
  95. Someone gestured to another person in a way Pyrenees was not okay with.
  96. Nick made a weird sound (the sounds he has made could be an entire list itself).
  97. Our neighbor laughed too loudly from inside his own home.
  98. A fly came into the backyard.
  99. The Pyrenees is very excited to see you.
  100. People are talking in the cul-de-sac out front of our house.
  101. I am talking to someone on speakerphone.
  102. Barking is fun.
  103. I was standing on a chair to change a lightbulb.
  104. It’s raining.
  105. And the most important reason of them all – The Pyrenees simply wants to bark.

By all means, this is not a comprehensive list 😉 As I continue to remember barking incidents and new ones occur, I will add them here.

Now I want to know – what are some reasons your Great Pyrenees is barking?

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Great Pyrenees bark a lot - we all know that. I thought I'd compile a list of all the reasons my Great Pyrenees have barked. What has caused your pyr to bark? | It's Dog or Nothing

92 comments on “101+ Reasons My Great Pyrenees is Barking”

    • My pyr barks when I am cooking & bang the spoon on the side of the pot, or when the microwave beeps or when dad is turning the corner to come home (2 miles away) when dad turns on our street, when dad turned into driveway….shall I go on?

    • But I must add a major one: my GP barks any time he sees a shadow, doesn’t matter if it’s his own, he will bark and bark at it! Lol

      • The horses walked past the porch.
        The horses were drinking at the pasture watering trough.
        A door slammed.
        A squirrel is at the riding rink.
        The cat jumped off the counter.
        The doorbell rang.
        The mailman drove by.
        The paper was delivered.
        The neighbor just got home from work.

    • My Gyspy Rose barks at her o
      Older brothers and sisters, they are 7 border colliess, who always have something in their mouth that she wants she will bark until she gets whatever it is ball, toy, empty water bottle she, walks away with it then drops it and starts barking at the next one

    • My personal favorite, someone holding a pillow. Any kind of pillow. The pillow itself was completely fine as long as it was on the couch or bed but once it’s in your hands it’s extremely dangerous. Or if you don’t open the door quickly enough when he wants to go outside. That bark is combined with him slamming his backend against the door to emphasize his demand.

  1. This is hilarious!!!! And ohhhhhh so true!!!! My Pyr Chance agrees too! He’s barking to agree!! Thanks for the humor! I so needed it tonight!!!!

  2. Because it is bedtime. Daisy starts the routine by barking, then Justice starts howling, then all four Pyrs (Daisy, Justice, Merit and Honor) howl. Honor howls a soprano aria as a grand finale. Then we are all allowed to go to sleep. Until, you know, a leaf falls. 😉

  3. This list is hilarious and accurate. Our first Pyr barked at everything! I saw someone on FB post that their Pyr barks when a butterfly farts in the forest. LOL Rosie, who is almost six months, barks at emergency vehicle sirens, people walking down the road, the cat that likes to sit on our porch, birds in the trees, cats across the street, a new package in the house, dogs barking in person and on the TV. She’ll probably add to that list as she grows. Haha!

  4. Our first pyr was even a “talk barker” He would sit out back and quietly bark like he was talking to himself So we tried a citronella collar- you know it squirts citronella when he barks. Every time we filled that collar he would bark till it was empty. Then he smelled like a candle. At least the flies didn’t bite his nose!

  5. Omg….FEDEX!!!! You’d think Satan’s legion was marching up the driveway… my two bark for minutes before and hours later as the delivery guy cruises the neighborhood and COUNTY!!!

  6. Addie is not a big barker. She barks at the more common triggers. However, once in a while she walks out into the middle of the backyard and let’s go with a big round of barks as if to make sure everyone in the neighborhood needs to be reassured that she is on duty. Then she lays down and surveys her domain.

  7. Chloe isn’t as bad as some…but the FedEx guy isn’t welcome at all, he talked to the grand baby, the ups guy made the mistake of talking to me, and for some reason…she barks the entire time I’m in the shower!?
    Large birds are bad! But this one I understand, her first 4 months she lived in a pasture with her working mom. Never near people….still could care less about treats! And she’s 5 yrs old come December! Lol

  8. Mine barks at the Law & Order sound effect (gung GUNG). It’s 20 minutes of solid, loud barking for this. Also, referee whistles during tv football games are bark worthy, but usually only a few cursory barks. Also, barking because everyone except one human has gone to bed. Staying up late is scary. All must be warned of its dangers.

  9. The garbage truck! OMG They’re stealing our garbage!!
    Also, UPS gets a completely *different* bark than FedEx, so I think they should get their own mention.

    And mine does a fierce demonstration bark when I pull into the driveway: he looks up and down the street, warns off something imaginary, then finally looks at me like “Oh! YOu’re home—how long have you been there? I was just guarding the neighborhood as I’ve been doing all day and not at all sleeping on your bed.”

  10. Our older Pyr, Ella, has always protected our home from hawks, buzzards, and crows. She has also taught our younger Pyr, Winter, to bark at those vicious birds. They don’t bark at songbirds which is a relief.

  11. My Pyrenees and my ST. Pyrenees bark at sounds made by wildlife. They want to scare away animals that would attack the farm animals. They want all coyotes to know there is a big dog on duty. And not to come by our place.

  12. The men with the loud machines came AGAIN to steal our grass. They come every week and despite two fluffies on high alert and barking their heads off, they have the nerve to keep coming back! The same with the men driving the big truck that steal our garbage every week. Fluffies must protect us from all enemies, foreign or domestic, real or imagined! And the crows – don’t even get started on those evil monsters in the air . . .

  13. Omg this is so true! My pyr, Loki even likes to look at himself in the mirror and bark at himself then run away and sneak back to see if that “thing” in the mirror is still there! He will play that game for hours til he wears himself out lol

    • our Fed Ex guy throws our packages towards the door, we have an insane barking Pyr and a huge English mastiff that is afraid of her own shadow

  14. Really funny! My favorites are the Christmas ornaments and because you were wearing a hoodie! Our dog Ruby almost never barks, occasionally at the mailman, but that’s it. Maybe I should show her this list and give her some ideas of other things she should be barking at.

  15. A suggestion from our prys: “The FedEx truck is within 5 mile radius of the neighborhood.” I wa sliterally laughing so hard I was crying. My favorite was “barking is fun”!

  16. I can’t imagine trying to keep a big dog like that quiet. But them I am used to much smaller cats so lack the experience handling a dog of any size. I guess you don’t get many break=ins with a dog and a mighty bark.

  17. Hahaha! There is nothing wrong with being talkative. 🙂 I would have a similar list of reasons for why my cat, Manna, meows. She has something to say about everything! She will even meow because she heard you say her name. Personally, I just look at it as a funny personality quirk. She likes to have conversations with me. 🙂

  18. LOL! Great list, and I can especially relate to the FedEx guy! Well, I’d rather hear my loving “Gentle Giant” bark then my mother-in-law‼️ 🤐

  19. Thanks for publishing this. Makes us feel “normal!” One of ours barks when it’s time to feed him..and then when he needs to poop.

  20. We have a Tibetan Mastiff. From what we’ve learned about Pyrs, they’re basically the same dog but from a different continent. 🙂 I swear I could’ve made this exact list for our Bu. Four years ago, we got the kitchen floor replaced and he wouldn’t come inside for hours! lol! It’s true you can’t stop the bark! You just wait it out as it vibrates your insides. Thank you so much for the good laugh!

  21. This is hilarious! I guess I’m fortunate! My 3 GP, LGD’s only bark when they think something is a threat to their goat herds! Maybe all these chronic “barkers” need some goats to protect! Hahaha

  22. When we first got our pyr, I wondered, why is he barking at the sky? Looked up, turkey vulture, lazily circling overhead! And now that it is fall, he greets every single falling leaf!!

  23. Bumblebee fly near the deck.
    Someone walked past the door and didn’t acknowledge Pyrenees.
    Someone walked past the door and DID acknowledge Pyrnees.
    Pyrenees is out and thinks he should be in.
    Pyrenees is in and thinks he should be out.
    Cat won’t play.
    Kid on trampoline next door.
    Construction worker nearby. He’s been at that site for a month but today he looked shifty.

  24. Karma, our 2yr. old Pyr, barks at screech owls calling to each other in the middle of the night(of course). She also has different kinds of barks ranging from low and throaty to wildly excited shrieks or a combo of several ranges- depending on the situation.

  25. Our first male, Moses was a prolific barker. His most impressive bark was the one big, bad, and very loud Woof when the coyotes would start howling. His Woof quieted all living critters for several minutes! He also loved to sing along to baby songs. On days that I worked from home I would play baby tunes just to listen to him quietly croon along for hours on end. I really miss that big boy!
    Our latest rescue, Eleanor Claire did not bark for more than a year after adopting her. Then one day the new neighbor planted a small tree and she found her voice!!! Gotta love Pyrs!

  26. The time to worry is when Cooper is NOT barking…he could be “playing” with a nest of baby bunnies. Once he wasn’t there at all–got out of the fence (since replaced). Of course, then he started barking at the gate 2 minutes later because he wanted back in and couldn’t figure out how to get there…

  27. What’s with barking at UPS drivers. Our pyr Coke goes crazy whenever a UPS truck is anywhere in the area.
    All these are so true and hilarious. Glad to know we aren’t alone.

  28. Squirrel…in our yard, in the neighbors, trees, in the neighborhood, in the park. Squirrels In the street, at the dog park, on the roof, in the alley. Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels. Driving down the street, on the way to the dog park…omg, a squirrel! Barking really is louder in a car, ya know.

  29. #102 An inflatable Santa Claus decoration in a front yard while on a walk in the neighborhood. Pyrenees thinks the devil resides inside.

  30. Zeus barked at the Amish, Amish buggies, the owl screeching at night, chipmunk farts, and the list goes on…….
    Maybelline barked when I pay too much attention to Zeus.
    Deliliah barks because she can, does and has her own opinion.
    Sam, he barks, just so he can get a word in once in a while over Deliliah. And all four bark at the sound of a doorbell on TV. Then they run to the door. Funny thing is I have never lived in a home with a doorbell.

  31. I always say this when my Pyr Angel barks (that sets off all the others!!)…. A butterfly flapped it’s wings in China, which made the rain fall in the Amazon, which made the snow fall in Canada, which turned into the wind that blew the leaf off my tree!!!

  32. Pyrenees “Grandad” (my Dad) was wearing a light blue shirt.
    I was carrying an umbrella.
    I had on a hooded jacket.
    There was a new plant in the yard.
    The water bowl was too full.

  33. Walter did not bark alot but if he thought someone was bad news you weren’t getting near me or my family or in my house. I was always a cat person until him. Frankly when we reduced his size scared the hell out of me. Truthfully this was supposed to be my ex’s dog well me and the two cats fell in love with him. The day I put him down I lost a piece of my soul. One the up swing I am getting another sweet giant and now I am disabled he will be trained as a service dog too. So excited

  34. Hahahaaa!! THIS!

    The neighbors across the street have their television in the front room on at night. Light! Motion! It Must Be Stopped! *WOOOOOOF*

    Someone rang the doorbell! *WOOFWOWWOWBARKBARK*
    (Actually, it was only a “ding” on Jeopardy…) O..o

  35. We have a Great Pyrenees and an Anatolian Shepherd. I always like to say that the Anatolian barks at EVERYTHING (birds, butterflies, etc…). While the Pyrenees barks at nothing –which is to say that she just sits there… barking… at NOTHING!

  36. I have got to get one of these magical dogs. Just as soon as this home sells and I move to the country. Maybe two of them and some goats.

    What is the best food to feed them?
    That should be an interesting discussion.

    Thanks to all for their stories. I look forward to sharing my own one day!

  37. My two bark at all these things and then some. My make Truman can’t stand Katy perry’s Dark Horse. He barks and barks if this plays on the radio.

  38. TY so much for this, it made my day. My Pyr barks for all these reasons and more I am sure. The list of course is endless. I remember when we got our first pyr the owner told us to not be surprised if he barked at airplanes at 10,000 feet. LOL Mine barks when the lights go on, when any dog barks on tv, when his toy isn’t where he thinks it should be, when he wants food, when he wants treats, when he wants my food, when the cows moo on Farmville 2, when the garage door opens, when I take a bath, etc… Again thanks for this.

  39. We have 2 pyr brothers and they bark when the amish buggies come down the road. They don’t see them but they hear the click clack of there feet on the pavement a loooong way down the street. How dare them use our road. Lol

  40. Great, funny lists and stories,,all quite true. Our 3 yr old Chloe revs up on things in her mind, puffing out her lips then launches into a howl and barking tantrum til her hallucinations fade. In the service they call it “recon by fire”..haaaa

  41. Our GP Blanca barks at
    Birds in the sky ( they are all Hawks to her)
    helicopters (daddy Flys one she thinks they are daddy)
    Coyotes howling
    Owls hooting
    Farm trucks going down the road
    Neighbors dog (one half mile away)
    Barn cat I looking cross eyed at her
    North, south, east, and west 2 hours every night to let all who can hear her know she is on “duty”

  42. Thirty days of barking at nextdoor neighbor’s Christmas lights on second story of house.
    Any statue with eyes.
    Out on a regular walking route, now barks every time we get to a certain house. I finally realized there USED to be a tree in the yard that has since been removed.
    The hardest to deal with is the occasional 5-minute delay factor. He hears a noise, but shows no interest in it. Then 5 minutes later decides it is worth barking at. Scares the bejeezus out of me!

  43. My Pyrs. guard livestock…so they bark a lot about things that do need to be barked about but they also bark when a mouse poops in the woods a mile away…just because they think I need to know.

  44. My Missy barked at the new Christmas wreath I put on the door. And she hates the Amazon package on the neighbor’s doorstep. And we hate the Swiffer commercials, they set her off barking every single time when the doorbell rings! The other day she was in the car in the backseat, and she was growling and staring down the man sitting in the moving truck next to us at the light. She hates men, tall men, men in baseball caps, men in sunglasses and just men period; unless you are Dad, Grandpa or her two teenage boys. I love this breed…

  45. We have a great pyr/border collie mix. We build furniture, wood shop upstairs showroom downstairs, and while it is not a farm maggie is most definitely a working girl and takes her job seriously! She’s just 3 and it is clear that her pyr “gaurding” genes are dominant. Her top triggers: Strangers who try to pet her with two hands. Nice ladies with big purses who bend over to pet her. People with hats, sometimes ok…other times not until they take OFF the hat- “woah, you put that back on”! People who park in the wrong spot. Delivery guys ok since they usually have a treat, but new ones with no treats- nope. Even though it’s a business with daily deliveries- cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes that have been moved, broken down, propped up, stacked, filled with garbage, and most of all, any cardboard box that falls over, shifts, gets knocked, blows in the wind, or moves in ANY way by itself. So scary and clearly a threat to all of us. And that plastic grocery bag dad takes his lunch in EVERYDAY. Still sacry. Oh and any and all holiday decorations, esp halloween which happens to be her birthday! And teenage girls in general are clearly sketchy.

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