If you have Great Pyrenees, you know they are escape artists! If your dog is known for sneaking out your door, The Door Guardian is for you!

Protecting My Pyrs with The Door Guardian

As someone very invested in rescue, I’ve worked with several organizations. These have ranged from local shelters, to giant breed rescues, to Great Pyrenees-focused rescues. While every organization has its own set of rules, one thing has never changed when it comes to the Great Pyrenees breed: a six-foot fence is required.

Now, this is something that can get a bit controversial. Some people wholeheartedly agree while others see more gray in the rule. However, everyone can agree on one thing – pyrs are known to be escape artists.

The Great Pyrenees is an amazing guard dog. While they were bred to guard livestock, many pyrs are more than happy to guard their family and treat them as their flock. Part of the reason they succeed as guard dogs is their tendency to roam, but another reason is their extreme intelligence, which many interpret as stubbornness.

This extreme intelligence is often demonstrated in the ability to escape your home, your yard, or any other containment. If they are unhappy in their current location, they will figure out a way to be where they want to. Some jump fences, some climb out of their containment, and others learn to open the doors of your home.

The Door Guardian

If you have Great Pyrenees, you know they are escape artists! If your dog is known for sneaking out your door, The Door Guardian is for you!

The Door Guardian is an easy-to-use tool to prevent your dog from heading out on his own adventures. Perfect for securing front doors, side doors, back doors, garage doors, and balcony doors, the Door Guardian can be used in any home, apartment, condo, etc. that needs a little extra security.

Some great features include:

  • Resists forced entry. I’m always worried about someone breaking into our house, even though we keep all of the door and windows locked. The extra barrier gives me added comfort and security.
  • Pet proofs exterior doors. The Door Guardian is effective at keeping even the most proficient escape artists contained.
  • Installs effortlessly. I’m definitely not the most handy person (I know, shocking!), but even I was able to do the installation. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
  • Spring-loaded for easy use. I’ve used similar door products before and have always struggled with the ability to open and close them. The springs make it super easy to manipulate!
  • 6 finishes. The Door Guardian comes in six different finishes to match any decor.

If you have Great Pyrenees, you know they are escape artists! If your dog is known for sneaking out your door, The Door Guardian is for you!


Overall, the installation of The Door Guardian was very easy. Just pick the location you want the device, use a few screws, and you’re good to go! We did end up having to use some of our own screws, but that was only because the screws provided were a tad long for our narrow door frame.

I am absolutely loving our Door Guardian so far. I have it on our front door as added security and intend to get The Patio Guardian for our patio doors. Check back next month for more detailed info and an update on how we’re liking it!

To keep up to date with The Door Guardian, follow them on Facebook. You can also get your paws on The Door Guardian by visiting their website to purchase online or find a retailer near you!

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If you have Great Pyrenees, you know they are escape artists! If your dog is known for sneaking out your door, The Door Guardian is for you!

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above and compensation in exchange for my honest review. Don’t worry – an advertiser will never influence the content of this blog and It’s Dog or Nothing only shares products we love and believe in.

33 comments on “Protecting My Pyrs with The Door Guardian”

    • I’m going to do another post to explain it in more detail, but it prevents the door from actually opening. It’s easy to flip it between the locked and unlocked position – not like baby proofing methods that I can never figure out 😉

  1. Great idea! Beau is a mixed breed but his mom was Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Shepherd. He very quickly learned how to open the back gate with his nose. My neighbor also has a Great Pyr and she’s constantly escaping! This is a great tool to prevent our smart pups.

  2. We taught wait at a young age to keep the dogs from door darting, which was a godsend! My big guy can definitely open the door if he’d like to, so we dead bolt…now maybe I should do something about my bathroom door…because he has no personal boundaries lol

  3. This really sounds like a great product. Ruby, our dog, is pretty much afraid of everything and would never leave the house without us. Our cat, Rosie, is a different story. She’s also deaf and I’m forever worried about her getting out. One of our doors doesn’t always latch, which makes me super paranoid about Rosie getting out. I am definitely interested in learning more about The Door Guardian.

  4. Would love to see my small furballs try to open the door 😀 But I like that it also protects for break ins. I am always afraid if someone breaks in – not because they would steal any of my stuff but because I’m afraid they don’t close the door after them and my fluffies run away.

  5. I had heard this about the Great Pyrenees, but didn’t realize it was this big of a problem. This product sounds super interesting! I love that it provides added protection from intruders… something that should be appealing to any homeowner.

  6. This definitely sounds like a great product for both pets and people, I’m a safety nut myself. I didn’t realize Pyr’s could jump a fence and are escape artists. Huskies are the same way so we have to be so mindful of Icy when she’s in the yard. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! I’m happy to hear that there are safe solutions for pet parents who have “escape artist” pups, and that the Door Guardian has solved a difficult problem for you!

  8. This sounds great for both escape artist dogs and preschoolers! My only concern would be if I was incapacitated inside if it would slow down the first responders very much. For most people, that isn’t much of a concern, but in the past 5 years, I’ve fallen twice and broken an arm each time. Luckily, both times my kids were home.

  9. What a cool idea! I’ve never heard of the Door Guardian before. It’s nice that it comes in a variety of finishes so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, I hope it helps give you an extra sense of security

  10. I didn’t know that about Pyrs! As someone noted earlier, I like finding easy to install ways to keep my home more secure. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. You know, if Bean was taller, she’d probably find a way to weasel her way out of the house by manipulating the door handle. She’s too smart for her own good and sees a closed door as simply a new problem to solve. I’m glad to know this product exists so I can refer it to folks who may share concerns over safety or an escape artist dog!

  12. We had a Pyr mix that could open the front door because it had a handle instead of a round knob. I kept thinking I had somehow left the door open slightly or she was getting out some other way. Then one day I caught her doing it. I put a deadbolt on that door!

  13. This is really a handy tool! I never have trouble with my dog trying to break outside, but it’s definitely help with security matter for my home. Also, Great Pyr is such a fascinating breed!!

  14. I have meniere’s and use a harness on my lab to help with the balance on “wobbly” days. My Ranger is getting on in years. I love Pyrs and would love to use one for motion balance service dog. I have been told they would be very good at this job.
    Comments and suggestions.

  15. First- You worry about break-ins with 2 Pyrs? Personally, I almost feel pity for anyone brave enough to break in my house despite the ground shaking, window rattling, “I will kill you” barking.

    Second- I NEED this! I need many of these! Every door in my house has a handle instead of a knob…and we all know what that means.

    Thanks for posting!

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