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Please contact me for an updated media kit and description of partnership opportunities!

Kelsie McKenzie

2 comments on “Partner With the Pyrs”

  1. Hey Kelsie,

    It’s Dog or Nothing is a really fun read! I love following your adventures with Mauja and Atka – they’re so cute!! I noticed you were “PR Friendly” and I thought you may enjoy hearing about Nuzzle.

    We’re a group of pet lovers and tech enthusiasts with a mission to keep all pets safe, healthy, and happy. Our team has put together a whole Nuzzle package, that includes a smart tracking collar, a mobile app, and pet insurance. The Nuzzle collar includes a GPS locator, so you always know your pets are safe and sound, and an activity monitor, so you can track your pet’s daily dose of exercise. Nuzzle is backed by veteran Apple designers Robert Brunner and Matt Rolandson of Ammunition.

    We think your brand would be a great fit with our company. We’d love to speak more about a social media partnership and our brand ambassador program.

    If you’d like to know more, I can be reached at 559-360-0847 or Also, check out our Facebook page:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!


  2. I am so glad I found this site! Love it! we just adopted a GP male, neutered, 20 months old. Ben is his name. We also have a Golden retriever and they play well together, but the golden doesn’t want to share his toys and we would like to get Ben something of his own (toy, bone, or what). Suggestions please! Ben spends most of his day inside right now since he is new to our family. We do take him out on a long leash for exercise often during the day. We love him and he seems to be adjusting well to us. Thank You for your suggestions1

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