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Big dogs, big messes – you know how it goes. I try to keep the chemicals to a minimal in this house, but let’s be honest – I’m not perfect; it’s always a work in progress! But what are the alternatives?

5 Benefits of Plant-Based Ingredients
  1. Constantly replenished by the environment so there is no danger of depletion
  2. Completely biodegradable
  3. Little impact on the greenhouse effect because production requires little energy
  4. No damage to the environment
  5. Production of plant ingredients benefits a large portion of the population

I was recently introduced to PL360, formerly known as PawGanics. We had received a package of PawGanics grooming wipes in a PetBox long ago and loved them, so I was super excited to hear they were even better now!

PL360‘s grooming wipes are durable, yet sensitive wipes to meet the needs of an on-the-go pet parent. The plant-based formula makes them ideal for cleaning paws, ears, and faces without irritation. Made from natural, cold-pressed seed oils, the wipes are antioxidant and vitamin rich to tend to your pet’s sensitive skin. The wipes are made without parabens, sulfate, phthalates, lanolin, and alcohol.

I have these on me all the time to keep my white dogs, well, white. Sometimes it isn’t easy – I noticed a nice grass stain on Atka’s head as we got ready to take pictures for this post!

Great Pyrenees with PL360

Another item in the PL360 line that I was super excited to test was the odor neutralizing carpet powder. A few years ago, I tried using a carpet powder that I found in our grocery store. While I loved the results, I discovered Mauja was having an allergic reaction to it. I stopped using the powder and didn’t search for another one.

The PL360 Carpet Powder is also plant-based for a natural, allergy-free cleaning experience. I’ve been using the powder for about a week and am loving how much fresher our carpets smell. Not to mention, Mauja isn’t having a reaction to it! Yay!

Great Pyrenees with PL360

We also received the Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes, the Daily Grooming Shampoo, and the All-in-One Shampoo & Conditioner. Because the Cleaning Wipes are plant-based as well, they’re safe on toys, food bowls, and even counters. Talk about multi purpose! I haven’t had a chance to try the shampoos, but boy do they smell lovely! I’m excited to try them out next bath time. Mauja and Atka are not so excited đŸ˜‰

Do you want the chance to try PL360’s natural, plant-based products? You’re in luck! PL360 is giving away prize packs to 3 lucky winners. Enter below!

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12 comments on “Plant-Based Ingredients with PL360”

  1. We are always looking for natural options for our pups. PL360 looks like a great option to try! Thank you for your post.

  2. We are totally loving the grooming wipes! Taffy is the dirtiest dog mom uses them to clean off her chin and face after eating rocks in the yard. We’d enter but they’d probably disqualify us so we have to go buy more. Love Dolly

  3. I’m glad to hear that you are having such success with the PL360 product line! I’m sorry to hear that Mauja had an allergic reaction to the one powder. At least the rest are still working wonders. I hope they come out with some cat products soon!

  4. I have never tried it for my dogs…I would like to try the shampoo conditioner to give to my son and his family just adopted 2 sibling puppies from the rescue they are black lab/ great pyrenees…they are black with white paws. They are so cute.

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