Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tails

The road to my heart is paved with pawprints. The road to the fluffies’ hearts is paved with cow tails.

Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tails to be exact.

While Mauja and Atka love bully sticks, I’m always looking for other chews for them. It has become an evening ritual that they come inside, settle down, and relax with a chew. I get some serious pyr paw when I forget their chew. Apparently, forgetfulness is unacceptable to Mauja and Atka.

Great Pyrenees with Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tail

I guess I’d feel the same way if I was expecting some ridiculously smelly delicious evening treats.

What makes the Mega Cow Tails so desirable?

Well, for Mauja and Atka it’s the taste. Or the smell. Honestly, I’m not really sure. All I know is that it makes them whine incessantly when I open the bag.

For me, I appreciate the details of the cow tails:

  • Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle
  • Single ingredient treat
  • Chewing promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • 100% digestible and natural
  • High protein, low fat
  • Fluffy approved

Great Pyrenees with Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tails

Do you think the road to your dog’s heart could be paved with Only Natural Pet’s Mega Cow Tails? There’s currently a flash sale to save $10 on orders of $75 or more! Use code “AFLASH10” at checkout!

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8 comments on “Only Natural Pet Mega Cow Tails”

    • I would say they are about as hard, but not quite as dense. However, it takes Mauja and Atka longer to get through these than the regular thickness bully sticks.

  1. I haven’t heard of these Mega Cow Tail natural one ingredient chews before. I regularly give my girls deer antlers but after reading your review, I will see where I can buy these Mega Cow Tail chews locally for Beatrice and Florence.

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