Only Natural Pet: Himalayan Yak's Milk Chews

It’s no secret we love Only Natural Pet. We’ve talked about their quality salmon oil and tasty freeze-dried green beef tripe niblets. Well today we’re talking about another Only Natural Pet product: Himalayan Yak’s Milk Dog Chews.

There’s been a lot of buzz about these chews recently and I must admit that I have shied away from them. While Mauja and Atka don’t have issues with dairy, I assumed giving them such a high quantity at once was a recipe for disaster. After a bit of research, I realized I had failed to consider the lactose content.

I have to be very careful of my lactose consumption so I’m familiar with the cheeses that are lower in lactose. It never occurred to me to transfer this knowledge over to Mauja and Atka. While many dogs are sensitive to dairy, it is typically because of the high lactose content. When turning milk into cheese, especially a very hard cheese, much of the lactose is removed. Here’s how it works:

  • Yak’s milk and cow’s milk are boiled and then put into a churning barrel. This process removes most of the fat from the milk.
  • Utilizing a sieve (or something similar like a cheese cloth) allows the liquid whey to be separated from the solid material. Since whey contains the vast majority of the lactose, the remaining solid material is virtually lactose free.
  • After all of the excess whey and water had drained, the cheese is kneaded and shaped or placed into molds.
  • Finally, the cheese is sun-dried until the desired hardness is achieved.

After taking a moment to understand the process, I was intrigued to let Mauja and Atka try these chews. I had read that it can take dogs an hour to make it through a Himalayan yak’s milk chew. As I’ve mentioned before, I have power chewers. They can chomp their way through “long-lasting” treats in no time.

Great Pyrenees with Only Natural Pet's Himalayan Yak's Milk Chew

They actually chomped on these chews for about an hour until they got tired and took a nap break. They had each only finished about half of their treat. Woot! However, these chews are very high in calories so they will be an infrequent treat, but definitely a high value one.

With so many recalls and companies lying about their product ingredients, it can be difficult to find companies you can trust. I have stopped giving Mauja and Atka products I loved after finding out more information about the company. Only Natural Pet truly has your pet’s best interest in mind. They show you through their quality products and fantastic customer support.

Interested in trying the Himalayan Yak’s Milk Chews for your dog? Head over to Only Natural Pet to spoil your pup today!

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Disclaimer: It’s Dog or Nothing received the product mentioned above in exchange for our honest opinion. Don’t worry – an advertiser will never influence the content of this blog and we only share products we feel you would enjoy!


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13 comments on “Only Natural Pet: Himalayan Chews”

  1. Our pups tried the Himalayan chews a few years ago & ended up having massive diarrhea 🙁 I think they just don’t do well on anything dairy.
    But for pups who do well with dairy it sounds like a great high-value treat!

  2. Im not sure if its the same for this brand but out boys tried the Himalayan Dog Chew brand and you can microwave any little pieces that fall off and they turn into something similar to popcorn. Lactose is key here! The separated solids help to make it really palatable!

  3. What an interesting product! I’m intrigued. It seems timely, too, because I’m reading a book about people of the Himalayas. A sign, perhaps? I’ll be checking out these chews. Thanks for the great review. 🙂

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