This week on Meet the Giants - the Leonberger! Head over to the blog to read all about this gorgeous gentle giant!

Guys, I have just been itching for this Meet the Giants post! While I will always have Great Pyrenees, Nick and I have been really interested in Leonbergers for awhile. They are beautiful, beautiful dogs with such great personalities. I’m sure we will have one sometime down the road! To avoid me gabbing on and on, I’ll turn it over to Susie Jump to talk about this absolutely striking breed. All information and photos are credited to Susie Jump.

This week on Meet the Giants - the Leonberger! Head over to the blog to read all about this gorgeous gentle giant!

If you currently have a Leonberger, please list their names, ages, and gender.
FozzieBear 7.5yr entire male, MojoLion 6yr neutered male, FleaBagMonkeyFace 2yr entire male.

Are there any other names/nicknames for the Leonberger?
If yes, list here. Lean-on-berger (like most giants they make good use of you if you stay still too long!), Wookies (they talk like Wookies), Peruvian Teddy Bear Dog (one I made up, which I use when I get sick of saying Leonberger!  )

What are three words you would use to describe the Leonberger?
Agile, intelligent, majestic

What is the Leonberger’s average size?
Height at withers: Dogs 72-80cms (28¼-31½ ins) ranging between 120-180lb; Bitches 65-75cms (25½ -29½ ins) usually between 90 – 145lbs.

What are the acceptable colors of the Leonberger?
Lion gold, red, reddish brown, sandy (fawn or cream) and all combinations in between, always with a black mask. Black hair tips are permitted but black must not dominate basic colour.

This week on Meet the Giants - the Leonberger! Head over to the blog to read all about this gorgeous gentle giant!

What is the average lifespan?
8-10, although the oldest recorded Leonberger was 17!

What was the Leonberger bred to do?
The Leonberger was bred to represent the lion on the town crest of Leonberg

How much exercise does the Leonberger need?
They are the most active, agile and versatile of the giants! Mine regularly walk 6-8 miles a day. Although exercise is restricted for growing puppies, and any activity must be built up slowly.

What are some common health problems?
DCM, LPN, Hip/elbow dysplasia, cancer, cataracts, Glaucoma

How much grooming does the Leonberger require?
Extensive! They have a thick double coat, shed throughout the year, but will completely drop their coat at least once a year.

What do you wish people knew about the Leonberger before bringing one home?
They need early training and socialization! Too many are rehomed when they hit adolescence as they’ve suddenly become 10 stone loons due to lack of training!

Why do you love the Leonberger?
Because they’re so versatile, if you build a good relationship they will do anything you ask of them. My boys show, take part in water rescue and draught work, they’re therapy dogs and blood donors, they’ve competed at agility, flyball, and obedience, they’ve tried afghan racing and rig-racing, rally, tracking, dancing to music……………the list goes on!

This week on Meet the Giants - the Leonberger! Head over to the blog to read all about this gorgeous gentle giant!

Anything else you want to say?
They’re not for everyone…………..they love water, they love mud, they think they’re a lap-dog, they can destroy a 3-piece suite in seconds if bored, they shed hair like there’s no tomorrow, insurance is expensive, there are health problems, they are not suited to kennel life and need to be part of the family. They like to bop you with a massive paw and butt you with a great big nose, habits that are cute as a puppy wear very thin as a 10 stone dog. They need to be kept occupied. They love to work and walks take forever because everyone stops you! BUT if you click, you will find yourself with the most loyal, sensitive, loving, intelligent best friend in the world, and I guarantee you won’t stop at one!

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This week on Meet the Giants - the Leonberger! Head over to the blog to read all about this gorgeous gentle giant!

11 comments on “Meet the Giants: Leonberger”

  1. Loved meeting this beautiful breed! I’m a sucker for giant dogs, and those faces are fabulous! I also liked the cautionary notes. It’s always important for prospective owners to know what they’re getting into long-term, because our relationships with our dogs should be forever.

  2. I love my Pyr, and I plan to always have one or more (we have a farm) but I think this breed could easily join our giant dog loving family

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  4. Love this Meet the Giant series. I also really like Leonberger, they has a majestic appearance. Thank you for sharing the post. I hope someday I could meet one, want to touch their beautiful hair.

  5. We got our girl from a rescue, and was told she is Great Pyr and Collie mix. A vet Tech said she looks like she has Leonberger in her.

  6. We have had two Leo’s. One male and one female. The female named Natasha, was one of the first 300 that came into the U.S.. We got her in the Bay Area. She moved to northwest Chicago area, the WDC and her finally the Colorado Mountains. She lived to be one week short of the age of 14. She was the dream of our life. Back in Chicago, she was the neighbors dog. So gentle, I would often come home and find her sleeping on our porch or deck. Usually there was a small female child sleeping inside her legs next to her belly. When we were gone, our neighbors watched her. One Christmas morning, while we were out of town, our “watching”neighbors went over and brought her back to their house for Christmas morning.

    After Natasha, Teddy was a rescue 120 lbs of all male dog. We were told he hated men, until he met me. He was in Michigan and the first few years of his life were pure hell. His last seven years he was in heaven, living on the mountain, and eating raw meet (barf diet – highly recommended. No vet bills.). He was playing with other dogs, grand children. He had long walks and free run time on the mountain. We sent him to grumpy growler training at the humane society right away. Great trading that works. I became alpha dog at that point. When we first got him, we took him on a small trip to Crested Butte. He HELPED me fly fish. When we came back to The same house, he realized it was HIS house and yard. He passed away much too early. He was a turbo dog and in great health. I was clocked him running at 27 mph down the mountain for over a mile. His recall was weak. One day he got out and He had an unfortunate violent death caused by an SUV. We had to put him down on Labor Day 2013.

    He was more my dog than Celia’s. He traveled to Sacramento and beyond with his head on the armrest with my hand on his head all the way. He went everywhere with me in HIS 4 wheel drive dog house. A Ford F-150 super crew. The perfect Leo vehicle. He loved smells at 60 miles per hour. He loved to be groomed and looked majestic.

    Both dogs were travelers. Natasha traveled over 15,000 miles coast to coast with us on one trip. Teddy travelled everywhere we did. Likely for 10000 miles. They both loved water. We still find Teddy ‘s für balls occasionally. They bring back memories and tears.

    They are both very missed by family and friends. We are now looking for a female Leo puppy from a good breeder. No puppy mills.

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