This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!For today’s installment of Meet the Giants, we have the Kuvasz! The Kuvasz and Great Pyrenees are both big, white, fluffy, livestock guardian dogs, but with a few key differences. Our pals at My GBGV Life are helping us out with today’s post!

This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!If you currently have a Kuvasz, please list their names, ages, and gender.

Katie, 13, spayed female

Are there any other names/nicknames for the Kuvasz? If yes, list here.


What are three words you would use to describe the breed?

Strong, independent, loyal

This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!What is the average size of a Kuvasz?

Males 70-115 lbs, females 70-90 lbs

What are the acceptable colors of a Kuvasz?


What is the average lifespan?

12-14 yrs

What was the Kuvasz bred to do?

Guard livestock without human supervision. They were placed with the animals they were to guard at a young age and grew up feeling like part of the herd and would do anything to protect them.

This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!How much exercise does the Kuvasz need?

A medium amount of exercise. They are not hyper dogs, but they need a good walk or run at least once a day to expend energy.

What are some common health problems?

Hip dysplasia, and growing too fast as puppies. It’s important to feed the right diet to keep their growth in check, and also monitor exercise until their joints are all set to prevent problems later in life.

How much grooming does the Kuvasz require?

They shed a lot all year, but twice a year with the season change they really blow their coats. The Kuvasz needs to be brushed at least once a week and when they are changing coats, every two days or so.

What do you wish people knew about the Kuvasz before bringing one home?
Socialize, socialize, socialize! These are guard dogs by nature and if you don’t socialize them properly with people, animals, new places, they will start guarding you and your home and it will become a problem. It is not a breed for the faint of heart. They are not easy to train and are challenging, but if you are up for the challenge, the Kuvasz is wonderful!

This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!Why do you love the breed?

They are so beautiful and loving to their family. People and cars are always stopping to tell me what a beautiful dog I have. I also love the challenge they present being such independent thinkers. Nothing is easy with the breed but, I like it that way.

Anything else you want to say?

I love the Kuvasz. Katie has brought me to tears at times with her naughty, independent side, but she has been such a loving girl her whole life. I would love to have another, but frankly, the 24/7/365 shedding of white fur is just too much for me. I need a break from fur. It is a great breed of dog, but the owner needs to have control of a Kuvasz and it is not good as a first dog in most cases.

So there you have it! A little bit of info about the Kuvasz. I cannot express enough how much I love the statement about being brought to tears with their naughty, independent side, but that they are so loving. I think it perfectly sums up livestock guardian breeds 🙂

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We hope you learned something new about the Kuvasz and check back next week for another giant breed!


This week on Meet the Giants we're talking about the Kuvasz!

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    • Not difficult at all. They do not really mat, perhaps a little behind the ears only. They keep themselves white (I call them Teflon dogs inferring nothing sticks to them, but suspect it is due to them being such heavy shedders). They do not smell, not even when wet. I generally only bathe them if they get skunked. The only clipping they need is nails and eyebrows. So, the brushing mentioned is about it.

  1. Have a 4yo unspayed male Kuvasz now, also have other LGDs such as Ovcharkas and Pyrs, but this dog is something else. Don’t know if it’s general for the whole breed or just this dog but this is the dog that i love the most, that loves me the most but also the only one i was ever concerned about. Guarding, loyalty, trust etc. on the incredible level but also when he decides to fight i’ve never seen anything like it. All the other dogs are afraid of him including a previously dominant Ovcharka who is about twice the size. I was confused until i saw him get into a squabble for the first time, very strong dog, fast as hell for his size but also completely lacking any trace of fear or hesitation. Absolutely not for the feint of heart, but worth it absolutely.

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