The pyr pawty is just getting started and we want YOU to be a part of it!


As you know, we are taking the time from Mauja’s birthday to Atka’s birthday to have a special fundraising celebration. What would a pawty be without furiends?!

Every $5 donation earns you an entry into our birthday pawty competition. After the donation, simply post a picture of your animal helping to celebrate Mauja and Atka’s birthdays to our Facebook page. I will compile all of the entries into an album so everyone can vote on their favorite pawty picture. The winner will get some treats from the Paw Street Barkery and a new toy from the birthday fluffies (worth over $30)!

As you know, the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Wisconsin is an organization that is very near to my heart. When I needed to pull Balto from the shelter to ensure he made it to a good home, the GPRW came to my side in an instant. They cared for Balto, worked with him, and found him the pyrfect family. I couldn’t have asked for more in this situation.

GPRW just took in a 10 year old girl. Because of the cost of vet bills, they have decided to keep her as a permanent foster to ensure happiness in her final days. Rescues like GPRW are unable to save dogs in need without the help of generous donors. Let’s make sure they can keep saving dogs in need.

Remember, a $50 donation gets you this pawsome custom made sticker (or 10 entries to the competition)!



Now, let’s see those birthday celebration pictures! How are you celebrating the fluffies’ birthdays? Donate here!


16 comments on “Let’s Celebrate”

  1. I love the way you took everyone’s advice and came up with this great way to promote your idea. I’ll be back and see if I can come up with something for the competition, and will share again as well!

  2. Great idea to celebrate and share the love. I also like the party hats.

    On Chowski’s first birthday we put him in a party hat. I’ll tell you a secret – he hated it!!

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