Watch our Great Pyrenees puppy, Kiska, as she grows!

Little one is officially 9 weeks old today – time is going by so quickly! I can already notice how much she has grown. She used to easily fit on my lap, but she’s definitely starting to outgrow it!

Our Great Pyrenees puppy, Kiska, at 9 weeks!

Weight: 13.4 pounds

Height at withers: 13 inches

Length (shoulders to base of tail): 14 inches

Favorite treat: Wellness Puppy Bites

Favorite chew: Thin, curled bully sticks

Favorite thing to chew: Everything! If her little teeth can grab it, she chews it 🙂

Favorite toy: Toys that “crinkle”

Waking up at night?: Usually one time, many nights not at all

Accidents in the house?: None. Not housebroken yet, but making a lot of progress!

Skills learned: She usually responds to “Kiska”, working on down

New experiences: Made more new dog and people friends, tried peanut butter (loves it!)

Naughty habit: Taking the rocks from the water fountain base.

Victories: Making excellent progress with Atka. They’re starting to play together.

What we’re working on: Housebreaking, chewing appropriate items, learning “down” and “under”

9 Week Photos

Keeping Up With Kiska

Miss a Kiska update? We’ll link them below each week!

Introducing Kiska

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