Watch our Great Pyrenees puppy, Kiska, as she grows!

12 weeks. 12 weeks! How is that possible?! Little one is almost 3 months old in and full on puppy terror mode. She especially likes being naughty after already told no – “you didn’t want me to grab this? Okay, I’ll drop it and grab it again!”

She’s lucky she’s cute 😉

Kiska has made a lot of training progress this past week and I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow.

Weight: 21.8 pounds

Height at withers:  16.5 inches

Length (shoulders to base of tail):  18 inches

Favorite treat: Orijen Regional Freeze-Dried Treats

Favorite chew: Thin, curled bully sticks

Favorite thing to chew: Cords! Especially to my heated blanket…

Favorite toy: Toys that “crinkle” (still the favorite after all these weeks)

Waking up at night?: Usually one time, many nights not at all

Accidents in the house?: None! She’s been great at running out if the door is open or asking to go out.

Skills learned: Learning “lap” for deep pressure therapy and building on “place”.

New experiences: Actually tussled and played with Atka!

Naughty habit: Putting her paws up on the coffee table and stealing the dish towels from the kitchen.

Victories: Playing well with Atka and learning when Mauja isn’t interested in playing – she finds something else to do rather than pester her.

What we’re working on: Come and under

12 Week Photos

Keeping Up With Kiska

Introducing Kiska

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks

11 Weeks

2 comments on “Kiska: Great Pyrenees 12 Weeks”

  1. Please continue reporting on Kiska. I see you are used to this breed. I am researching
    this breed. I live in a rural area in NC. I have 1/2 acre of land fenced in (5 ft high).

    I have had Dobermans, a Rottweiler , and some shelties. I currently have a 22 year old with Down Syndrome. I am a fit person, have trained in the gym or the past 15 yrs.

    Your puppy is precious, cute and lovely. I am wondering if I have the dog skills for this
    remarkable, protective, self thinking breed. I love the fact they are more low key
    than the breeds I have previously had experience with. I have much to learn from
    you as I continue to research this breed. I currently had no dog.

    Thank you for the pictures, info and wisdom regarding this unusual breed of dog.

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