Watch our Great Pyrenees puppy, Kiska, as she grows!

How are we at 11 weeks already?! This little floof nugget is growing like a weed.

Weight: 19 pounds

Height at withers:  16 inches

Length (shoulders to base of tail):  17.5 inches

Favorite treat: Orijen Regional Freeze-Dried Treats

Favorite chew: Thin, curled bully sticks

Favorite thing to chew: Couches and coffee tables

Favorite toy: Toys that “crinkle” (wonder when that will change!)

Waking up at night?: Usually one time, many nights not at all

Accidents in the house?: Rarely – she’s very good at asking to go out.

Skills learned: Built on leave it and place

New experiences: Flew on an airplane

Naughty habit: Running off after a potty break (she calls it ‘being independent’, haha)

Victories: Having a successful flight – people were shocked at how well behaved she was!

What we’re working on: Come and under

11 Week Photos

Keeping Up With Kiska

Introducing Kiska

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks

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