If you have a double-coated dog, how do you handle the fur? If we don't do daily brushing sessions, my home pays the price! Thankfully, Swiffer makes it quick and easy to keep our home fur-free.

Keeping Our Home Presentable with Swiffer®

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Can someone please tell me how it can possibly be 2017 already? I don’t know about you, but I was ready for the start of a new year. It always encourages me to look back on the past year, determine my successes, and decide what I want to work on in the next year. Ah yes, those popular New Year’s Resolutions. I mentioned earlier this week that resolutions aren’t necessarily my thing. However, I always set goals for myself. Amidst the many, many goals I have, I have several that involve the fluffy butts:

  • Complete the therapy dog certification with Atka
  • Find a carting class to participate in with Mauja
  • Dabble in Rally with Atka (yes, pyrents – I’m serious! 😉)
  • Get the fluffies back on a consistent grooming schedule

I used to be so good with our grooming routine. Mauja and Atka were being brushed most nights of the week. I’d turn on the TV and give them a nice brush to end the day. While grooming isn’t something they really enjoy, I have always found it relaxing. However, I’ve been seriously slacking recently and only been brushing them about once per week. My house has paid the price for that.

If you have a double-coated dog, how do you handle the fur? If we don't do daily brushing sessions, my home pays the price! Thankfully, Swiffer makes it quick and easy to keep our home fur-free. Even with daily brushing, shed happens. There’s a common saying for pet parents of dogs with double coats: “My dog only sheds twice per year. For six months in the spring and six months in the fall.” It goes without saying that with only weekly brushing sessions, pet hair envelops my home. Talk about embarrassing if someone wants to swing by the house last minute! Thankfully, I’ve developed a super quick, super easy pet clean-up routine for when I slack in my daily pet grooming.

  1. Quickly vacuum the carpeted areas a guest might see.
  2. Run the Swiffer® Sweeper® on the laminate flooring.
  3. Spot clean the muddy paw prints with the Swiffer® WetJet™, which are ALWAYS there – darn Pacific Northwest living! 😉
  4. If I have an extra minute, I’ll run my Swiffer® Duster™ over the coffee table and entertainment center to remove the fur (how does so much fur end up on the elevated surfaces?!).


  There are so many reasons I love using Swiffer products, but here are a few top benefits:

  • All are quick, easy, and lightweight
  • The dry cloth for the Swiffer Sweeper has grooves which trap dirt, dust, and hair.
  • The wet cloth easily dissolves dirt and grime without the hassle of a mop and bucket.
  • The Swiffer Duster showcases Dust Lock Adhesive which easily cleans all the nooks and crannies in your house for a 3x better clean than a feather duster.

Like every product, it isn’t perfect for all situations. Pyr fur is long and thick and when I only do weekly a brushing, there is a lot to sweep up. It doesn’t always “lock” the copious amounts of fur. However, it still does a great job of collecting the fur into an easy to manage pile while simultaneously trapping the dirt that brooms miss.

Pro tip: After running the Swiffer, simply prop it in the corner. The Swiffer Sweeper will collect all the dust and hair and disguise it until you have a moment to clean up the excess. Or if you’re like me, until you decide you’ve piled up enough fur in the corner 😉

Daily grooming helps pets and pet owners bond in many ways, and can prevent shedding, but shed happens! With Swiffer, pet parents can get a thorough clean in minutes, so pet hair mess is never an obstacle to bonding. – Dr. Evan Antin, Swiffer Spokesperson

If you have a double-coated dog, how do you handle the fur? If we don't do daily brushing sessions, my home pays the price! Thankfully, Swiffer makes it quick and easy to keep our home fur-free.
My Swiffer, a glass of Merlot, and a Great Pyrenees #PyrMomLife 😉

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44 comments on “Keeping Our Home Presentable with Swiffer”

  1. I brush my cat regularly with a deshedding brush to help combat loose hairs, but of course it’s impossible to get all of them.

  2. With a Great Pyrenees and two long-haired German Shepherds, it can sometimes be a bit complicated keeping the house as fur free as I would like! Swiffer helps a lot in making that possible, and receiving one of this big, green-colored boxes would certainly help in continuing to keep myself, the fur kids, *and* the house happy! 😉

  3. The fur really piles up at our house, but I imagine it comes much quicker with Great Pyrenees. We use a Swiffer for a quick cleanup, but have to pull out the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis to keep our floors clear of the furry tumble weeds.

  4. We have two 7 month old Great Pyrenees who love to come in after a long day guarding the livestock and roll all over the floor and rugs. I’m in serious need of a Swiffer just so I can get all of this fur out of hard to reach places, while my dogs lazily watch me out of the corner of their eye 😉

  5. The dogs get brushed every two weeks. To help keep the house clean from fur and whatever they carry into the house we also vacuum and sweep daily.

  6. We could totally use all these products at my house! Three Pyrs and an Aussie mix… Everything is covered in hair. This would make it so much easier to keep up with cleaning.

  7. As a Pyr owner myself, I can totally relate! I am very OCD about a clean fur-less house. I use Swiffer products as well. I also purchased a blaster from our groomer when our Pyrs were pups. So, every week I blast all of that undercoat out and brush. You will not believe the difference this makes! I now vacuum once a week and only have to dry Swiffer maybe once in between vacuuming! Yes, you can be somewhat fur free! Plus it’s great bonding with your fur kids. Mine love it!! It blows out cool air so they want more blaster time, especially under their manes. I even blowout my neighbors lab and she is amazed how much less she has to vacuum. I recently went to Amazon and typed in dog blaster and they had the professional grade by Metro. It’s a 4.0 motor. It’s bright orange with a black hose. It will run about $165ish….well worth it! I’ve had mine 12 and a half years and it runs just like it did when I first bought it. You want a professional blaster, because it is made to last. My groomer and vet say that our Pyrs are the best kept Pyrs they have ever seen. I take pride in that. I’ve turned so many friends onto it…it will change your life!
    Hope this helps!

  8. We are a Swiffer household. I am also learning to groom my dog, and the many different Swiffer products have been lifesavers for me. In fact, this past Christmas, I snapped some photos of Swiffer products at our local Target store and sent them to my wife. I asked for Swiffer goodies in my stocking. The products work and I don’t know what we did before this brand came along!

  9. We have shedding and bird dander at our house! Like you, I try to brush someone every night but the holidays kind of disrupted our routine! Swiffer would help with “grooming” our home, that’s for sure!

  10. Teddy, at 10 months, is surprisingly not shedding as much as we were expecting! No complaints though =) We are hoping this will stay true forever, but I guess we’ll know once spring time arrives and she blows her winter coat! So we brush weekly, and she is also not such a fan of it, but we are trying to get her to accept that it MUST happen.

  11. Khloee gets groomed professionally and Wynston and McKenzie Rae don’t require much grooming at all. However, Kenzers sheds like crazy and so does one of my cats. Swiffer is a daily tool in my house! The dusters and original sweeper are my favorite.

  12. I should have bought Proctor & Gamble stock when we fostered our first Great Pyrenees years ago-I’d be rich! Our current household of furbabies consist of 7 rescued dogs (two of which are pyrs) and 4 rescued cats. Needless to say, keeping fur to a minimum is a huge job! I couldn’t do it without my Swiffer products.

  13. I brush Layla nightly and the vacuum does not always help especially after the kids have been here too. I have an old swiffer that is slowly falling apart from over use and love it, desperately need a new one.

  14. I totally acknowledge that this is NOT even slightly a fair comparison to your pups, but… Cooper sheds a ton! People are often surprised to walk into our house and be covered in tiny, poky red furs from head to toe within minutes. In part, it’s because he loves to sit on top of everyone, but he really does shed like crazy. I’m a huge Swiffer fan because I just can’t bring myself to vacuum every day. I love the quick convenience of it, and I feel like if it works for your pups… that’s a HUGE stamp of approval!!

  15. Great review! I can’t love that photo of you swiffering with a glass of wine in your hand enough!! If they don’t pick that up to put in a national ad I’ll be surprised. I’m so excited about the contest, with a super active Husky in the house we Need it badly! Tons of fur + muddy paws galore.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  16. First, you were cleaning like a BOSS with wine and heals and you are therefore my hero. Secondly, I saw 666 entries when I got on the page and said “on no, I have to enter so the number changes!” Lastly, our house is always a fur disaster with two dogs. I honestly can’t fathom the amount of fluff you deal with! We love all Swiffer products and use them regularly.

  17. With five Siberian Huskies, fur is an accessory here! LOL! I have a groomer who does home visits to help keep my Huskies spiffy! How do I keep my home clean? We roll and dust and wipe all surfaces to defur! Great giveaway – thanks for hosting! Great pics (especially the wine glass one!)! Love Swiffer products!

  18. Swiffer makes some great products for homes with pets. I used to use the Swiffer wet jet all the time before I moved into my apartment (almost all carpet here). I would absolutely love to try the dusters! It would be nice to have a new Swiffer mop for the 2 small tiled areas of my apartment too. My kitties may have short hair, but they shed like crazy!

  19. I take my 2 of my dogs to the groomer regularly. Sophie is double coated and even though she is small, she sheds a lot. Theo and our cat have short hair, and they shed a lot too. Nothing compared to your dogs or my Keeshond, but there is always pet hair where I wish there wasn’t.

  20. I have a Bichion Terrier Mix & a Min Pin & a guinea pig between all of them the fur gets a little crazy! Plus I have asthma so I’ve got to keep the house clean, Swiffer would make it so much easier! I wouldn’t change it for the world though! They are my heart!

  21. We do regular bathes, brushing, and nail clipping. They become a big more often during rainy and winter months, so we make sure to use something that is gentle! We use a combination of vacuum and Swiffer. I love the dusters and the wet pads. They pair great with our Roomba and Cordless Dyson!

  22. We love Swiffer products! We keep the pet hair under control by hand stripping their coats and by vacuuming regularly.

  23. Love the photos in this one Kelsie. Bain should have been a Pyr, he loves to be brushed, but he just doesn’t have enough fur for me to do it that long.

    I love your resolutions, I need to work on Bain’s certification for Canine Good Neighbour.

    I’ve never tried a Swiffer before, but I keep hearing good things!

  24. I have to brush my dogs everyday but you would never know it. I have to keep lint rollers everywhere because everyone in the house gets dog hair on them. I sweep and vacuum all the time but it i worth it because I love my dogs.

  25. With an 8 month old Pyr, mud is a constant battle. I brush him two or three times a week and have trained him to wait by the door when he comes in to get towel off but my hardwood floors still end up with a pattern of footprints and wet hair. A swifter mop by the door might well be my best solution

  26. I try to keep our furry friend brushed and bathed as much as possible. We have 2 kids that break out horribly if I don’t keep up with it. Our dog gets a bath monthly and brushed atleast once a week sometimes more.

  27. I have two dogs and two cats. They take bath every week and I brush them often too. Swiffer products would help me keep my house clean from pet hair

  28. During the summer months, we love take them outside and brush them on the deck in the sun. They love it! When its colder, I like to lay a flat sheet down and brush them on it!

  29. I brush my double coated furbabies out regularly with the Paws Pamper Undercoat Rake and cleanup is a breeze with the swifter 360. Between these two amazing tools shedding season doesn’t stand a chance!

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