I have a strict no Christmas before Thanksgiving rule. We don’t decorate the house or listen to Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the season, I just like to give the other holidays their time!

That rule went out the window when I was contacted by Flea from Jones Natural Chews to do a review on their Christmas treats.

I briefly looked over the treats online to ensure they fit my criteria (which JNC always does) and happily awaited for the package in the mail.


Jones Natural Chews

Right? RIGHT?!

First, we have the Canine Christmas Crunchers. This Christmas stocking contains 5 chews:

  • 1 Beef Hoof
  • 1 Pig Ear
  • 1 Beef Knee Cap
  • 1 4″ Beef Center Bone
  • 1 5″ Pork Bacon Roll

Jones Natural Chews

It’s adorably packaged, ready to hang, and I am obsessed. OBSESSED.

Next, we have the Mammoth Bone. Now, I’m always skeptical when something is stated as perfect for giant breeds. The other day, I saw a toy for “large dogs: 35+ pounds”. A 35 pound dog and a 150 pound dog need different toys! I was intrigued to see the size of this “dino bone”.

Jones Natural Chews

Seriously?! Look at the size of that thing next to Atka! I love that it comes in pretty holiday packaging with a “Merry Christmas” message on the side of the box.

I love Jones Natural Chews. USA made, great price, excellent quality, and the fluffies have loved everything they have been lucky enough to try.

I’ve already told Nick that I will be purchasing a second stocking and holiday box so each fluffy has their own. Now I’m antsy for Christmas!

P.S. Want to hear more about Jones Natural Chews? We talked about the Windees here.

Disclaimer: We received the products mentioned above in exchange for our honest opinion. It’s Dog or Nothing only shares products we believe in and feel our readers would enjoy.


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12 comments on “Jones Natural Chews: Christmas Covered”

  1. Those look yummy. I thought I was going to need to put my tree up last weekend. Looking over my available blocks of time, that looked to be it. Luckily I found another chunk after Thanksgiving. 🙂

  2. Holy dog bone! That thing is HUGE! I try to avoid Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving too….but Thanksgiving is late this year, so that makes it difficult! 🙂

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