It’s International What Day?

Does your Great Pyrenees think he's a polar bear too? Come celebrate International Polar Bear Day with us to try and help these magnificent animals!

“Hey! Look! It’s a polar bear!”

“Oh my gosh, they’re just mini polar bears, aren’t they?”

*in your best ‘dad joke’ voice*¬†“Heh, whatcha got there? Didn’t know it was legal to have polar bears as pets!’

All the years of Mauja and Atka hearing these phrases has certainly gone to their heads. Forget being a Great Pyrenees, they’re pretty sure they’re actual polar bears. Until I remind them that true polar bears don’t curl up on the couch for a snuggle-fest in the evening ūüėČ

Silliness aside, while I may not share my home with two polar bears, International Polar Bear Day is still very important to me. Every year, this global event aims to bring attention to the challenges polar bears face in the warming Arctic. There are many ways to help our “giant-sized Great Pyrenees” friends, such as taking the pledge or donating, but there is an easy way for everyone to help right now: the Thermostat Challenge.

It’s simple: just lower your¬†thermostat up on February 27th¬†to reduce your carbon emissions and help polar bears. And then make¬†every day¬†a polar bear day by buying and installing a programmable thermostat or taking extra steps to reduce your energy consumption throughout the year. –¬†Polar Bear International

We’ll also be tuning in to the special polar bear coverage all day today to hear from various experts. Head to the Facebook page for the complete schedule and to post any questions you’d like to get answered!

I think so many of us, especially those of us with pyrs, have a special appreciation for polar bears. So today, let’s take some time to show our support for this magnificent animal.

Head over to Polar Bears International to learn how you can make a conscious effort to save the polar bears today <3

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