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*booming pyr woofs*

If you feel like you haven’t heard from us in awhile, you’d absolutely be correct. Not only has the blog remained stagnant, but you can hear crickets on our social media pages. Don’t worry – everything is just pyrfect over here.

The fluffies have had a nonstop, action-packed summer. Between BlogPaws, moving, and a few trips, we haven’t been around much to get content out to you. I didn’t want to add mediocre clutter to your feeds and to be perfectly honest, I just needed a break.

When people initially express interest in blogging, they only see the enjoyable side of creating content and working with brands. They don’t see the hard work and absolute exhaustion that can accompany running a blog. Unfortunately for me, I hit that blogging wall and I hit it hard. I know that I would have been fine if we weren’t dealing with a move/buying a house, but that’s life!

After a bit of a break, I’m finally feeling like I’m getting life in order here in Washington. Mauja and Atka are completely settled in and are thoroughly enjoying their new home (especially their yard!). While I can’t promise that everything will be back in full swing this week, we’re definitely making progress. We found a few new products at BlogPaws that we are loving and I can’t wait to share them with you!

If you have sent an email/comment/message in the past month and haven’t heard from me, I am working on responding to all of them now. However, if you still don’t hear from me, send me another message – it’s very plausible that I missed it in all of the clutter!

Stay tuned for a great new food we’ve added to Mauja and Atka’s diet (psst… there may be a giveaway!)ย and a fun announcement at the end of the week.

Pyr on, my friends!

5 comments on “Hello? Is Anyone There?”

  1. Just found your blog. We have a 12 year old Pyr. Grace is slowing down to a dull roar, but then , unless there was a coyote or squirrel she never did move to fast! I am amazed at her ability to draw people to her and hold their attention for a common list of questions. We have joked about a quarter a question, believe me it would be enough to keep her in food for life. I am afraid at this age, we will need to learn to live without her, and I can’t wrap my head around that at all!

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