Only Natural Pet Green Beef Tripe Niblets

High value treats are essential for training success.

Have you ever failed to complete a trick with your dog in public that he does perfectly at home? Did your dog not know the trick very well? Was there a distraction? Was the new environment too stimulating?

I have encountered this a lot with the fluffies. We perfect a skill at home, but we need to practice in the real world. However, I can’t keep their attention with the same treats that work at home.

I need to kick it up a notch.

Great Pyrenees with Only Natural Pet's Green Beef Tripe Niblets

Enter Only Natural Pet’s Green Beef Tripe Niblets

These freeze-dried bites of deliciousness give me unwavering fluffy attention. Atka is in full-blown adolescence and his excitement is getting the best of him. I needed a treat that could get (and keep!) his attention when a dog, human, or tiny human appears. Adding the Green Beef Tripe Niblets to my high-value treat mix has worked wonders.

What is tripe?

Tripe is the stomach of grazing animals, such as cows, sheep, and buffalo. It’s important to feed your dog green (instead of white) tripe as the digestive enzymes haven’t been destroyed.

Why Only Natural Pet?

The Green Beef Tripe Niblets from Only Natural Pet are made in the USA and contain 100% green beef tripe. There’s no fillers which means no preservatives. These freeze-dried niblets are high in usable protein and essential fatty acids. I’m not going to lie – these treats stink. I made the mistake of scratching my face mid training session and smelled beef tripe the rest of the time. The smellier the better for Mauja and Atka so it’s worth it!

Think your dog would like to have freeze-dried green beef tripe added to their treat list? Or maybe you want to try the salmon oil we absolutely love? Use code “AFSAVINGS” to save $10 and receive free shipping on your order of $25 or more!

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  1. Our dogs love these! They are so great for training. I hadn’t gotten any for a while, but just ordered some.
    I just realized I haven’t been getting my email notifications for your posts. I’m going to try signing up with my other email and see if I get them there.

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