I absolutely love talking about Great Pyrenees, but sometimes people make comments I really don't know how to respond to.

Great Pyrenees Statements I Don’t Know How To Respond To

It’s inevitable that people are going to want to talk to me about Mauja and Atka when we’re out and about and I absolutely love it. However, sometimes people make comments that I really don’t know how to respond to. Sometimes, the comments are obvious and other times they’re slightly offensive.

Fair warning: After rereading the post, I realized I was feeling slightly sarcastic when I wrote it.

“Those are some big dogs!”

Yes, yes they are quite large, no, they’re not “white Newfoundlands”, and no, they’re not polar bears.

“They’re SO FLUFFY!”

Yes, they’re fluffy, yes, they require a lot of brushing, and no, I don’t shave them.

“Those dogs are bigger than you!”

No, they don’t drag me down the street, no, I don’t need help with them, and yes, they outweigh me.

“They’re so white!”

Yes, yes they are; and no, I don’t have to bathe them all the time.

“My aunt’s friend’s sister had one of those.”

Cool! I love meeting other pyr lovers, but calling them “one of those” means you’re probably not one of them. Can I meet your aunt’s friend’s sister?

Looking at their child, “Put a saddle on that thing and you could ride it!”

First, please don’t refer to my dog as “that thing”. Second, that’s a terrible idea. I know sometimes people are joking, but children don’t typically recognize that. Then we end up with kids sitting on dog’s backs, injuring the dog, and sometimes getting themselves injured.

“How can you afford to feed them?”

I really don’t even know where to go with this one. Do I look like I don’t have money to care for my dog or do you assume I’m making a lot of money because I have giant breed dogs? What are you insinuating here?

“How much did they cost?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t feel like this is an appropriate question to ask anyone. Usually, I respond with a range that I’ve seen for Great Pyrenees from rescues and breeders. This question always makes me uncomfortable.

“Oh, I had a *insert random breed here* growing up too!”

That’s really awesome, but these are actually Great Pyrenees. Often people respond with, “Oh, yeah! Great Pyrenees. That’s what I had.”

“Will you be having puppies soon?”

This question usually arises shortly after I tell people what breed Mauja and Atka are. They know nothing about the breed (except that they are stunning) and now want their own. I have to gently calm people down so we can discuss breed traits before they impulsively buy a Great Pyrenees. Also, no – they are both fixed.

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I absolutely love talking about Great Pyrenees, but sometimes people make comments I really don't know how to respond to.

20 comments on “Great Pyrenees Statements I Don’t Know How To Respond To”

  1. Haahaaa….yep, I hear that same stuff and more. I have a new Nissan Murano, white leather interior, sunroof. People are horrified that I put my dogs in there….then I explain they are the reason I bought that car!

  2. Me too!
    I had two of these wonderful dogs ( not at the same time) when my children were growing up . They were just perfect for the little ones, so gentle . I now have a huge 225 lb Newfie and get the same questions. Someone seeing him from a distance asked if he was a gorilla .
    Enjoy your Gentlemen in white fur as Louis the XIV called them.

  3. I just tell folks they are miniature polar bears, and it shortens the questioning. When people first call her a polar bear I get to correct them and call her a “miniature”.

  4. I always get nervous when someone asks me where to “get” a Pyr….we presently are lucky enough to care for two, both Rescues, as they were not well treated before, and became strays. I love our Pyrs so much, and enjoy everything about sharing our home with them.We learned about Pyrs years ago with our Charlie….
    They require a fence, frequent brushing, and lots of hugs, but our kids will never overwhelm you with licks and affection. And make sure you have a big couch and a good vacuum cleaner.

  5. I bought and wore a T-shirt with all the answers on it! “Do they eat a lot? No.; “Do they shed a lot? Yes.; etc. I sometimes just pointed to the shirt! Didn’t mind the comments…enjoyed talking to children about the breed. They were always very curious, and I heard some pretty funny stories about their own pets!

  6. I bought a T-shirt that had all the answers printed on it! “Do they eat a lot? No.” “Do they shed a lot? Yes.” Etc. Didn’t mind the comments or questions really. Especially enjoyed talking to children about my dog. They always had funny stories about their pets!

  7. I’ve dealt with most of these very same questions my entire life with Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Pyrenees… Drives me crazy!

    Two stories: I had a golden and a berner pup at the same time. Of course, they’re always wrong about the breeds but… “What a gorgeous St. Bernard and picture perfect golden lab!!” She had a descent looking lab at the end of her leash…. sigh….

    Second: Walking around at a balloon festival with our Newfie, Berner, and Mini Dachshund when I here a parent say to a child, “Look honey, a daddy doggy, a mama doggy, and the baby doggy.” I grabbed my husband’s arm so I wouldn’t overreact….

    And, then they look at you like you have no idea what you’re talking about when you offer a bit of advice. Sigh…

  8. We have a great pyr, Odin and we get all those questions plus is he friendly?? My husband’s reply is yes he only eats (describes person such as women/men/kids) on whatever day of the week it is (Sunday etc.) Usually the person has already started petting before they register what he just said…you can tell when the pull back then he laughs and says he is friendly.

  9. You guys are breaking my heart…my babes (bro& sis) 7 mos old littermates, have had a difficult time adjusting to our recent move. It is looking like my husband (who got us the pups) will be telling us we will have to let them go to new homes, a rescue or back to their farm. I’m dreading the argument and heartbreak that most likely will ensue, when he comes home, to have the conversation he said: ” You won’t lIke having.”

  10. I love the opportunity to inform people about pyrs. The two most common for me are “wow he must shed a lot” and “wow he must get very dirty!”. My responses are “worth it.” and “they’re actually self-cleaning so I don’t have to bathe them as often as you’d think!” respectively.

  11. I have a 1 yr old Pyr, Finn. Rescued at 8 weeks. She is the love of my life & sweet as can be. I enjoy any opportunity to talk about her, even if the questions are rediculous.

  12. YES! My boy is 1 1/2 and a solid 130lbs! I love when people are interested in him, but they tend to make it sound like having a giant breed is a negative thing, especially when we walk him with our 4 month old daughter. When I explain he is extremely sweet and patient with her, a lot of people “warn me” about the potential of him hurting her. Very frustrating!! Love your blog! 🙂

  13. Polar Bear. Ya, that one!

    Our girl qualifies as “petite” for a Great Pyr, at 70-75 pounds… when people remark about how big she is, I love to drop their jaws with that. 😉

  14. Got the same thing with my 160lb. Malamute. The question/statement that always got under my skin was “I want one. What is it?” When asked anything like questions above I usually made it sound like owning one was a negative experience. We have enough dogs in shelters to be adding more just bc they are cute but misunderstood. Ive looked into the Pyr breed myself.

  15. BTW…Decided it was not the right dog for us at this time only bc we have two other dogs where there might be a conflct in the future. Love the breed after having home visits with rescues and meeting with breeders but wont take a chance right now. Hope to have one in the future though. So sweet.

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