I set goals for myself every year, so why shouldn't Mauja and Atka have goals as well? Here are our Great Pyrenees New Year's Resolutions.

Great Pyrenees New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not one to make resolutions for the new year, but I do always set goals for myself. I have a lot of goals this year, many involving Mauja and Atka. This year I will finally get the courage to take Atka for his therapy test – I know we can do it! Setting my own goals got me thinking, shouldn’t the fluffies have goals, too? Here are Mauja and Atka’s Great Pyrenees New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.


  1. Accept that outdoor cats are okay and eliminate the need to yell at them to come inside everytime one passes the house.
  2. On the rare occasion that the bed is chosen as the ideal place to sleep, sleep on mommy’s side of the bed rather than daddy’s (unlike Nick, I don’t mind being squished!).
  3. Be less of a drama queen about wearing a harness.
  4. Stop sneezing in people’s faces.

I asked Mauja if she had anything she felt she should add to her list. She said she only has one goal for 2017: eat more marshmallows. 😉

She didn’t want to hear it when I told her she gets quite enough marshmallows.


  1. Stop hovering over Mauja as she finishes her treat. If she decides she doesn’t want the rest of it, she’ll walk away – no need to stay so close 😉
  2. Trust that the neighbor using the very tall ladder in his backyard knows what he’s doing. Barking at him is only distracting.
  3. Close mouth and swallow before walking away from the water bowl.
  4. Refrain from trying to lie down in and/or drink out of every puddle.

I also asked Atka if he had anything to add to his list. Atka’s 2017 goal: figure out how to keep Mauja off of his blanket.

Fair, Atka. Fair. She is becoming quite the blanket hog these days.

I could list many, many Great Pyrenees New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m trying to keep things reasonable here 😉

Do you think your dog should have any goals for 2017? If you asked your dog, what would he say his goals would be?

9 comments on “Great Pyrenees New Year’s Resolutions”

    • Haha! I love your last point about less butt sniffing – I din’t think anyone would dare to type that out 🙂

      If you asked my dog about his goals he wouldn’t say this but one of my goals for him is to eat much more healthier. The pre-processed foods are having him feel ill from time to time. So we’re slowly going to be switching over.

      /Adam – The Doggy Institute

  1. Jack’s New Years resolution would be to take more naps although I would rather it to be to stop chasing my chickens.

  2. I hope they are successful with their goals! I wish Theo’s goal was to maintain the healthy weight he is, but I have a sneaky suspicion his goal is to eat all the food he can.

  3. Jeep’s resolutions are to:
    Not pretend her water bowl is an indoor water park and splash pad.
    Not to use her dog sister’s neck and legs as coyote hunting practice.
    Always come right away when asked no matter how much snow is falling.
    Chew things that are clearly meant for her like toys and bones, not toilet paper, slippers and twenty dollar bills.

  4. Ike’s goal should be to stop slimming the cat but I’m sure that he thinks wet drool all over the cat is quite acceptable and, unfortunately the cat doesn’t seem to mind.

  5. Callie’s main New Years Resolution:

    To find a home where she can live and be loved Forever.
    She accomplished that on January 1st, when we signed the adoption papers.

    Now, about that midnight barking… O..o

    (I’m so delighted to find your page! Looking forward to devouring everything you care to write. 🙂 )

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