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Have you been looking for a place to chat with your fellow Great Pyrenees lovers online? We've rounded up some of the most popular Great Pyrenees Facebook groups for you to enjoy!

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for an awesome community full of Great Pyrenees lovers. Thankfully, the internet is full of them! Over the years, I’ve found a few Great Pyrenees Facebook groups that I enjoy scrolling through in my free time (err… the few minutes I find as I stand in line at the grocery store!).

As I started to put this post together of my favorite Great Pyrenees Facebook groups, I realized that there were so many more that I was missing. I had barely touched on the “Great Pyrenees Facebook scene”! Here are a few of my favorites, plus others I found in my recent search:

*Member numbers may have changed since writing this post. Also, I cannot comment on how active the groups are as I am not a member of all of them.

Great Pyrenees and Their Crazy Antics

(21,401 members) From the group description, “This light-hearted, breed specific group was originally started in 2007. We needed a place to share some of the Pyrs’ “naughtier” moments with other Pyr parents. We also wanted to share some of the more prouder moments as well. This group was intended as a place to record the goofy and crazy antics that all of us have experienced with this breed. We want this to be your “Happy-Go-To-Pyr Place” on Facebook.”

Great Pyrenees are the Best Dogs…Ever.

(15,369 members) The group description states, “This group exists to share our love and information about the breed. Our goal is to provide a positive, caring and helpful atmosphere to share information, compare notes and to help each other through love and learning. This group is meant to be an uplifting site.”

Pyrenees Proud

(6,400 members) Run by a friend (who shares her life with Mauja’s brother and Atka’s sister), the group is described as a place to, “Share whatever you are proud of. Share your pictures, accomplishments, adventures…if you have questions, concerns about your dog-feel free to ask. This page is to be fun and informational. No rude or judgmental comments. We are all one big Pyr family.”

Great Pyrenees Lovers

(2,599 members) This group is a great place to, “Talk about the personalities of this multi-dimensional dog and help each other with issues”. I’ve noticed that the members really know each other in this group.

Great Pyrenees Forever

(2,532 members) At Great Pyrenees Forever, you’ll find a group for current pyr owners and those who are interested in the breed. If you don’t have a pyr shown prominent on your Facebook page, you may have to message a page admin to be accepted.

Great Pyrenees Forum (For Anything Great Pyrenees)

(2,492 members) According to the description, “This group is for posting pyrs in need of a home, sharing cute pics or videos of your pyr, or for asking questions! Also, this group is not for selling puppies or breeding questions.”

Great Pyrenees Help Crossposting

(1,795 members) This crossposting site is for “Great Pyrenees that need homes, help, and transport. This is for urgent Great Pyrenees that are in shelters that are not safe and could be euthanized at any time. This is not for pyrs already in rescue or foster looking for adopters.”

Great Pyrenees Mix and More!

(1,394 members) If you’re looking for a group to “greet and meet and swap pics of our lovable Great Pyrenees mixes” this one is for you!

For the Love of Great Pyrenees

(1,454 members) If you’re looking to share pictures or interact with other pyr lovers in a positive, fun environment, you’ll love For the Love of Great Pyrenees! You’re sure to see the highs and lows of being a pyrent 😉

Great Pyrenees Connection

(1,946 members) Whether your Great Pyrenees is a show dog, working dog, therapy dog, or companion dog, you’ll find other lovers of the breed in this group.

Great Pyrenees – Our Gentle Giants

(1,768 members) According to the group description, “This is a place to come together and talk about our fur babies. Please feel free to ask questions, share tips, pictures, and/or advice. Whether you currently raise Pyrs, or are thinking about it in the future, you about welcome to hang out with us”

Gentle Giant Gang

(734 members) Hey, friends – this group started as a direct result of It’s Dog or Nothing! After many people suggested a group, we finally decided it was time to make one! Gentle Giant Gang is a place for ALL giant breed lovers – so don’t shy away if you don’t share your life with a pyr. We want you to join us!

Do you have a favorite Great Pyrenees Facebook group that wasn’t listed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Have you been looking for a place to chat with your fellow Great Pyrenees lovers online? We've rounded up some of the most popular Great Pyrenees Facebook groups for you to enjoy!

5 comments on “Great Pyrenees Facebook Groups”

  1. I purchased a GP 2 months ago (now 4mos old) and have had a lot of issues. Some are contributed to the “puppy stage” but it seems he has taken over. My kids are afraid of him. He will be mellow one minute and lunge for you the next. I have done a lot of research and have exhausted almost all outlets. We have a training class set up for this month. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated☺️

  2. Just an observation , I’ve only had my Pyrenees for a few months but realized that that he is an alpha male with a pecking order. It is taking time for him to get along with my German Shepard who has been here for 3 years. They both want my attention for themselves. I’ve had to spray them with water. &I don’t feed them together.
    He is good with other dogs and roams like he owns the universe. He’s a great watch dog and yes he barks at night at what ever animal roams on my property. He’s an outside animal and has hair like sheep. His undercoat pull out and I wish I had a spinning wheel for yarn, lol. It’s our bonding time. He looks at me with love and appreciation. I live on 12 acres with hundreds of surrounding acres and someone abandoned him here. I’m so glad they did because I fell in love with him.
    As far as your children go, your dog is establishing the pecking order. Maybe if your kids give him the treats when rewarding good behavior along with praises. Try having them walk with a leash and the child always has him next to or behind him. These dogs take time to train, allow your children to groom and feed them for bonding. Good luck , it will work out!

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