We’re always on the lookout for new treats. I make my own treats for the pups, but sometimes I like the convenience of prepackaged treats. I was looking for a new grain-free treat and came across Buddy Biscuits. I was particularly drawn to their “soft & chewy” treats. For those of you who aren’t familiar with pyrs, they are independent and don’t enjoy doing commands.

This is pretty accurate regarding the Great Pyrenees!
This is pretty accurate regarding the Great Pyrenees!

Pyrs need a reason to perform a task and treats typically do the trick! (Don’t get me wrong, they will do their basic commands, they just take their sweet time). I loved that the Buddy Biscuits were basically a combination of a biscuit and a soft training treat. They are also pretty small, which is great for giving treats frequently.

Some Quick Facts About Buddy Biscuits

  1. Grain free
  2. First ingredient is chicken
  3. No artificial colors, flavors, or by-products
  4. Soy free
  5. Made in the USA

Cloud Star (the creator of Buddy Biscuits) seems like a pawsome company. You receive points for the products you purchase and can then use those points to donate to your favorite charity.

Mauja (left) and Atka (right) showing off their 'leave it' with their Buddy Biscuit!
Mauja (left) and Atka (right) showing off their ‘leave it’ with their Buddy Biscuit!

Finally, it was time to eat their yummy treats. Atka, being the piggy he is, ate Mauja’s treat and then his own as well. Don’t worry, Mauja got replacement treats 😉


 So what do you think? Will you be trying out Cloud Star‘s Buddy Biscuits? Mauja and Atka can’t wait to try out more of their products! Tasty and dog mom-approved 😉

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16 comments on “Give Me That Treat – Buddy Biscuits”

  1. We (by we I mean Prudence the Dane) love Buddy Biscuit grain free treats! She also likes Wellness and Cloud Star brands. Like you I generally make my own but during the heat of the summer we don’t turn on the oven so it’s nice to have pre-made treats. We’re in Oklahoma so it hits 110+ in July and August

    • This will probably sound crazy to you, but I would LOVE to have temperatures like that. We’re stationed in Montana right now and there were plenty of -30 degree days during the winter. We’re slowly starting to warm up, but it will never be that warm. I grew up in PA so I’m used to that wicked heat! I’ll add the treats you mentioned to my list of “to try” treats!

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