Traveling with giant breed dogs can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Here are our top picks for hotel chains that allow dogs of any size to stay for free!

Giant Breed-Friendly Hotel Chains

Traveling with dogs is difficult, but traveling with multiple giant breeds can be quite the frustrating endeavor. Either the hotel only allows one dog, small dogs, or charges a ridiculous pet fee – I’ve seen hotels where the charge was $20 per pet per night.

That adds up quick.

Being a military family and also one who likes to take their dogs everywhere, we’ve done our fair share of traveling with dogs. We always make sure we find a giant breed friendly hotel without a pet fee and have had great success with a few hotel chains. Here are a few of our go-to hotels:

*Pet policies can change at any time and vary throughout the same hotel chain. Always be sure to call and double check the pet policy where you plan to stay.

La Quinta

Hands down, this is our number one choice. When we know where we plan to stop for the night, we will do a quick search for a La Quinta. If there isn’t one where we planned to stop, we will often change our plans to find one. With over 900 hotels in North America, there’s always one around the corner.

Not only does La Quinta allow multiple giant breed dogs, but their rooms are great. Every room we’ve stayed in has had a fridge and a microwave – if you have food sensitivities you know how important this is! Add on a free continental breakfast and I have a happy husband (and puppies because he always gets them some bacon!).

Kimpton Hotels

After Nick and I got married, we decided to do a mini honeymoon. We had traveled across the country with Mauja and Atka so they could be in our wedding, so naturally, we took them with us!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much attention those two drew as we walked through New York City.

During our time in NYC, we stayed in a Kimpton Hotel. I had never been to one, but I was blown away by their pet policy. Kimpton states, “If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in”; and they do more than just welcome them in. From providing bedding and bowls to having a Director of Pet Relations, they have your furry friend covered. Kimpton even allows pets at their nightly wine reception. Need I say more?

Motel 6

If you’re looking for an affordable place to catch a few hours of sleep, Motel 6 is for you. Motel 6 has no limit on pet size or number and doesn’t charge a pet fee. It’s definitely a very basic hotel chain, but it has everything you need and you can’t beat the price!

What are your favorite pet-friendly hotel chains?

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Traveling with giant breed dogs can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Here are our top picks for hotel chains that allow dogs of any size to stay for free!

10 comments on “Giant Breed-Friendly Hotel Chains”

  1. $20 seems cheap for this area. We were looking in ME for a dog friendly hotel and the running rate was $30 for one dog. Thankfully Katy is a medium sized dog or we’d likely have had to leave her home.

    Thanks for the hints though. La Qunita is pretty common in this area, so it’s good to know if we needed a place to stay we could head there.

  2. We just had our first hotel experience with the pups last weekend and stayed at a Red Roof Inn. The pups stayed for free & we weren’t even charged a pet deposit. The room was clean, had laminate flooring, a fridge, microwave, desk, even iron & ironing board. At checkout, we were also told that La Quinta is another pet-friendly option, but I hadn’t heard about the Kimpton hotels yet. Thank you for that valuable piece of information!

  3. The Drury Inn & The Pear Tree Inn! Both are owned by the same company, no weight limit for pups, $15-$20 pet deposit with very nice accommodations. The staff & guests stopped everything as we strolled in, proceeded to give my “little” guy rub downs while kiddos ran up to hug him! We’ve stayed in many while covering a few States and have yet to come across one that is subpar 🙂

  4. I too travel with a large dog, and travel from CA to FL often. My scheduling is guided by Motel 6. La Quinta is a real treat to find, that micro and fridge is handy.

  5. The Sheraton will also allow larger breeds as long as they are well behaved. You have to call the hotel directly and talk to the manager. They have allowed my 98 pound Berner.

  6. I had no idea about La Qunita Inn, Definitely appreciate the recommendations. We recently stayed at the Red Roof Inn after seeing thier “Pets Stay Free” advertising and had a great experience.

  7. Residence Inn has a $100 pet charge but it’s a nicer hotel with a full kitchen so more room for our big guys to lay and move in.

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