It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQGetting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

I’m not sure how we’re about to enter December already, but whether we’re ready or not, it’s here! With as much joy this time of year brings, it also prompts a bit of stress. The stress of finding the perfect gifts, having a recipe (not to mention an outfit) for every holiday party, and most significantly, preparing to host guests in your home.

While Great Pyrenees don’t have typical “doggie odor”, we now live in the Pacific Northwest. Pyrs may be “immune” to the typical smell, but no dog can avoid the horrid wet dog smell. Candles can help mask, or even eliminate, the smell, but unless you beat the smell at its source, it will always exist.

What’s the obvious solution to beat the smell? Give them a bath, of course. But once again, you must truly eliminate the odor. Too many dog shampoos only mask the odor, leaving you with a scented wet dog. That’s almost worse than pure wet dog smell! If the shampoo does truly eliminate the odor, it’s often full of chemicals that really shouldn’t be put on dogs or leaves your dog’s coat with a “waxy” feeling.

It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

Thankfully, RELIQ offers shampoos that eliminate the smell without covering your dog in harmful chemicals. Their secret – volcanic minerals and nano-science.

Unlike most pet shampoos that utilize herbal extracts and vitamins to nourish your dog’s skin and coat and eliminate the odor, RELIQ recognizes that these ingredients aren’t enough to truly eliminate the smell. Instead, they use proprietary volcanic minerals to eliminate the odor-causing bacteria and effectively clean your pet’s hair and skin. Because RELIQ completely eliminates (rather than masks) the odors, your pet will stay fresher and cleaner for even longer. No more trying to mask the smell to avoid the dreaded “b word” for as long as possible 😉


It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

Aside from complete odor elimination, RELIQ products have several other benefits:

  • Gentle, easy-rinse formula
  • Natural, fortifying vitamins and minerals
  • Safe for dogs who lick their fur post bath (I’m looking at you, Mauja)
  • Natural relief of itchy skin
  • Moisturizes skin and coat
  • Environmentally-safe
  • Groomer-friendly formula to avoid dry, blistered hands

RELIQ also offers 5 different scents, each with a unique purpose. While all 5 scents contain the key minerals eliminate odors and promote healthy skin/coat, you can then pick a formula specifically for your dog’s needs. For example, I choose different formulas for Mauja and Atka. Mauja is currently using the Lavender formula for a calm mind and Atka uses the Green Tea formula for a deeper clean.

Helping Mauja’s Itchies

It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

If you’ve been following us recently, you know that Mauja has been dealing with some horrendously itchy skin, which is causing rashes all over her belly. We are still working with the vet to try and figure out the source of her recent itchiness, but it was recommended to try bathing her in an oatmeal shampoo to alleviate her discomfort. Not only could I not find one that smelled nice, but it didn’t seem to work very well.

After a few failed attempts, we tried the RELIQ shampoo because it is said to be extremely nourishing. While it hasn’t solved her itchiness since we don’t know the root of the problem, it has definitely been more effective in offering relief than any oatmeal shampoo we’ve tried.

Beyond Shampoo

It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

RELIQ offers several other products for keeping your dog healthy. My current favorite is the Light-Activated Odor Eliminator for Dogs. If you have a Great Pyrenees, you know they shouldn’t be bathed very frequently. However, there is no avoiding the wet weather this time of year! If Mauja and Atka are getting a bit of wet dog smell, I’ll spritz them with the Lavender Odor Eliminator. Unlike other products on the market that only mask the odor due to large particles, he nano-enhanced minerals are able to break through the odor molecules and instantly dissolve them.

For dog’s with really itchy, red skin, RELIQ has a Skin Solution product to fight the microbes that lead to skin allergies and hot spots. This is actually our next step with Mauja. Since we’ve loved the other products so much, I’m hoping the Skin Solution can help her itchiness even more.

It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

We’ve also been using the Ear Solution as a natural alternative to traditional ear cleaners. Since it is a non-alcohol formula, it doesn’t have the typical chemical smell associated with ear solutions. As much as Mauja and Atka hate their ears being cleaned, they tolerate the RELIQ Ear Solution more than others we have tried. I think they don’t mind it as much because the lack of chemicals makes it a non-stinging solution.

Holiday-Ready Thanks to RELIQ

As we’re preparing to have guests in our home over the next month, I plan to keep plenty of RELIQ products, specifically the Odor Eliminator Spray on hand to keep the fluffies smelling fresh. If I’m going to put a lot of effort into keeping the house clean and smelling nice, I don’t want it to be tainted with scented wet dog smell!

Ready to try RELIQ products yourself? Use code “ITSDOGORNOTHING” for 30% off your RELIQ purchase!

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It's Dog or Nothing | Getting Holiday-Ready with RELIQ

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above and compensation in exchange for my honest review. Don’t worry – an advertiser will never influence the content of this blog and It’s Dog or Nothing only shares products we love and believe in.

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