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BlogPaws 2015 was a complete blast. We met amazing people, chatted with fantastic brands, and learned more than my brain could handle in one weekend. I came back extremely motivated and ready to quit my day job. Then I remembered I have bills to pay, fluffies to feed, and therefore a bit of work to do before I can make that leap 😉

We received a swag bag with products from many of the sponsors, but also received product from brands that we met throughout the conference. Here are some of our favorite products from BlogPaws 2015.

1. Only Natural Pet Canine Powerfood – This stuff is seriously amazing and a recent addition to the fluffy rotation. We absolutely love products from ONP (like their salmon oil, beef tripe niblets, and Himalayan dog chews) and this food is certainly no exception. The food is fantastic quality at an even better price. You can read more about the Canine Powerfood here.

2. Full Moon Real Bacon Treats – While these treats are a bit slimy, they are a fluffy favorite. These treats are made in the USA, all natural, and free of grain, corn, wheat, and soy. I’d suggest getting two bags as you’re pup will fly through one! More on Full Moon here.

3. Primal Beef Chips – We had never tried anything from Primal, but I was very impressed with their treats. They are single source protein treats which are great for pups with food sensitivies. They also are free from preservatives and are grain/gluten free.

4. Wag More Bark Less – These treats are from Cloud Star, which create a fluffy favorite, Buddy Biscuits. This line is a crunchy treat that is free of corn, soy, and artificial flavors and colors. These treats do include grains, so they are not the best if your pooch is on a strict, grain-free diet.

5. Stella & Chewy’s Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers – We don’t feed raw here at It’s Dog or Nothing, but I’m not against freeze-dried raw as an addition to kibble. The meal mixers contain cage-free turkey, fruits, and vegetables and leave out anything artificial. If you are a raw feeder or simply looking to mix up your dog’s kibble, Stella & Chewy’s has some fantastic options.

6. Groom Genie – This brush definitely isn’t going to pull out the undercoat, but it is a great tool for sleeking the fur. I love the paw shape of the brush as it makes for a very comfortable grip. The brush also claims to gently massage and relax your dog during the grooming process. Mauja and Atka have enjoyed this brush so far!

7. Jones Natural Chews – We received a few products from JNC, but the Windees are a fluffy favorite. These all-natural treats are a great way for your pup to end the day. Mauja and Atka have tried several treats from Jones Natural Chews and always enjoy them (like these).

8. Dog Tag Art – These dog tags are adorable and you can even create your own. They have a vast amount of pre-created tags, but you can also upload your own image to turn into an ID tag. We’ve talked about the importance of proper pet identification, but why not do it in a cute and unique way?

9. VetriScience – We received three products from VetriScience: Perio Plus (dental chews), Composure (calming chew), and GlycoFlex (joint chew). While I’m not sure dental chews do much for my two, Mauja and Atka love the taste. While at BlogPaws, we gave Mauja the Composure chews before leaving the room. She was still very nervous, but it definitely helped to take the edge off. The joint support chews include green-lipped mussels, which are great for joints, but not typically found in joint products. After the fluffies have been on these chews for a bit, I will report back with the results.

10. Burt’s Bees Itch Soothing Spray – I love anything natural. I’d prefer to stay away from chemical as much as possible, which is why I love Burt’s Bees. This spray contains honeysuckle and is 97% natural. Atka’s back leg has been bothering him lately, and this spray has definitely been helping.

11. Dr. Harvey’s – We received Sweet Potato Chews, Biscotti for Dogs, Coconut Smiles, Power Patties, and two food pre-mixes. Mauja and Atka weren’t the biggest fans of the Coconut Smiles, but I wasn’t surprised since they won’t eat coconut oil. If your dog likes coconut, these are great! I’m really intrigued by the food mixes. You simply add meat and water to the mix to create a wonderful homemade meal for your dog. Yum!

12. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips – If you have a senior or special needs dog that is slipping on your floor, this is the product for you. Created by a holistic veterinarian, these grips help provide confidence, mobility, and stability to your dog. These are going to make their way to Mauja and Atka’s berner cousin, Kai.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, how was your experience? Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews on some of these products over the next few weeks. Also, look out next week for a review of our favorite product/brand from BlogPaws!

5 comments on “Fluffy BlogPaws Product Roundup”

  1. We LOVE the Burt’s Bees itch spray for Riley’s itchy paws! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more reviews. (PS – SO proud of you for that post yesterday! More than 100 comments already?! Go girl!)

  2. Wow, nice list! I’m still bummed I couldn’t make it to the BlogPaws Conference, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to Phoenix in 2016!
    We are familiar with the Dr. Harvey’s products (the only treats we haven’t tried yet are the Biscotti), and the pups really like them, to include the Coconut Smiles 😉
    I’ve heard of, but haven’t yet tried, Jones Natural Chews, Stella & Chewy’s (we feed raw now), and Full Moon. They are all on our to-try-list! (that one’s getting pretty long…)

  3. very nice swag. my vet carries the toe grips. i have tried chewey and stella freeze fried and frozen raw foods many times. i have used primal raw as well. i have used other burt’s bee’s products for dogs. i have used jones chew many times, the venison sticks.

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