Need a few fun activities to do with your dog this fall? We have 10 great ideas for you!Since yesterday was the first day of fall (yep, I missed it), I thought we’d talk about some fun things to do with your furry friend this fall! I hate the cold am not the biggest fan of fall and really don’t enjoy pumpkin (not even the Pumpkin Spice Latte – maybe my girl gene is broken?), but Mauja and Atka love the cool air that accompanies the season change. So, just for them, I put on 18 layers bundle up and we head outside to enjoy it together. Here’s 10 things we’re hoping to do this fall:

  1. Find a dog-friendly pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins together.
  2. Take a trip to the orchard to pick some fresh apples (then make apple treats!).
  3. Enjoy the scenery and cool, crisp air with a hike in a new area.
  4. Make a pile of leaves to jump and play in.
  5. Get some exercise with some backyard football.
  6. Create/buy a fun costume for your dog; or maybe you and your dog could match costumes! (now taking suggestions for the fluffies’ Halloween apparel!)
  7. Throw a “Howl-oween” party.
  8. Bob for apples (or perhaps they would enjoy hot dogs more).
  9. Bake some pumpkin inspired treats.
  10. Attend a dog-friendly outdoor festival.

I’m reeeeally hoping I can find a dog-friendly pumpkin patch here in Montana. I searched endlessly last year, but was unsuccessful. We will definitely be hitting the trails for a few more hikes before the cold comes in just a few short months.

What are your fall plans with your dog?

9 comments on “10 Fall Activities to do with Your Dog”

  1. I think we all can do more to increase the odds for dog friendly activities by demonstrating how well our dogs behave and how well we clean up after ourselves. I love being able to take my dogs places and truly appreciate the dog owners who enjoy the experience as much as I do and demonstrate it by how well they monitor their animals and take care of cleaning up the mess.

    It makes me so frustrated at those who don’t follow good dog etiquette letting their dogs misbehave, intimidate other guests, having their children holding on to the dog so the dogs so their is no control, leaving behind poop, etc. It just ensures that people will think strongly about not having another dog friendly event.

    We know people assume an insurance and/or financial liability when they allow us to bring our dogs. However when we can demonstrate a benefit, we will find more events willing to allow us the option. However, even if just a few are badly behaved, it damages all our chances for the next event.

  2. Fall is definitely our favorite season 😉 This summer has been so unbearably hot & humid, that I actually don’t mind the rain we’ve been having for the last 2 days, along with some cooler temps! I’d also like to find a dog-friendly Pumpkin would be fun & would make for some great pictures!

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