Luv and Emma's Dry Pets

With spring nearing every day (hooray!), we are facing the dreaded thaw.

Those of you with dogs know exactly what I mean.

The mud puddles, water puddles, and goopy liquid all over the place. Of course, I never remember to keep a towel by the back door. My floors don’t stand a chance.

Luv and Emma’s knew exactly what us dog parents were going through, which is why they created their Dry Pets towel.

Luv and Emma's Dry Pets

Luv and Emma’s Dry Pets is a microfiber pet towel that quickly absorbs water from your pet’s fur and paws. The towel is able to hold 16 ounces of water yet dry very quickly. It’s soft, absorbent, and helps to reduce the paper towel waste you’d typically use to wipe your dog’s paws.

My favorite feature is the stretchable opening that allows you to hook the towel onto virtually any door handle. I hooked ours onto the back door where the pups come in and out all day. This way it is easily accessible when I see two muddy fluffies running toward me.

Luv and Emma's Dry Pets

Luv and Emma’s have two two versions of their Dry Pets towels: Dry Pets and Dry Pets Plus. The Dry Pets towel is 21 X 17 inches and the Dry Pets Plus is 36 X 23 inches. The Dry Pets Plus also holds 36 ounces of water! Perfect for drying off a freshly bathed fluffy.

Dry Pets Plus (left) and Dry Pets (right)
Dry Pets Plus (left) and Dry Pets (right)

Best of all, the towels are machine washable. Quickly throw your dirty towel in the wash then hang it on your door so it’s ready for the next wet, muddy day.

Want to try Luv and Emma’s Dry Pets or Dry Pets Plus? Enter our giveaway to win a free microfiber, absorbent towel!

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23 comments on “Facing Spring with Luv and Emma’s”

  1. I’m not sure which would be better for us. Our dogs are small, but we have 3 of them. I’m not sure if the small one can dry 3 dogs at one time, or if I should get a bigger one and use a section for each dog.

  2. Oh dear I’m not looking forward to all this mud either. No matter how careful I am when stepping around the yard Laika manages to bounce around and get covered. These look like they’d be a nice thing to have lying (or hanging around) for sure.

  3. Towels are so much better than paper towels for drying wet and muddy paws. The Dry Pet towels look like a great design and the paw print design is really cute 🙂

  4. We reviewed it 4 years or more ago before our first attempt at a blog was hacked. We STILL use it. It has held up beautifully and does a great job at soaking up all the water from our beautiful golden boys!

  5. I have two lab mixes who love to be outdoors, even when it is wet. This towel would help me dry them off quickly and thoroughly after muddy romps.

  6. Water rarely gets down to my Shiba’s skin. Instead it’s all stored in that thick coat, just waiting to end up on my floor, my rugs, my couch… A towel like this would be a huge help.

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