Great Pyrenees Road Trip

I think we are.

This weekend we undertook an extreme challenge:  traveling from Montana to Virginia with both dogs.

According to Google Maps, the trip should take approximately 30 hours. Well, we all know how that goes. Once you factor in traffic and stops long enough for the pups to stretch their legs, several hours get tacked on.

I was a bit worried about how the dogs were going to handle the long drive. They love being in the car, but can anyone like being in the car for two days straight? I wasn’t sure.

Aside from Mauja throwing up all over the hotel room (why we always bring cleaning products!), we made it through without any major issues. For the most part, they just napped the day away. We brought plenty of new toys and time-consuming treats to keep them occupied, but they were content to snooze away.

We made frequent stops where Nick and I would take turns running around with them to ensure their legs got a good stretch. We also made sure to have the windows open when they were awake. The new smells kept them very entertained!

Overall, I could not be more pleased with how the trip to the east coast went. Paws crossed that the trip itself and the drive back go just as well!

Check back over the week to see all of our adventures!

26 comments on “Are We Crazy?”

  1. So glad that the trip went well for you guys!! You are BRAVE!! Our two do not do well in the car…or the jeep. They only travel well in the RV. Then they are GREAT!! I hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip back! (And that the dogs are GOOD!!)

    • We have debated a long time about taking them on this trip, but I’m so glad we decided to. They are having a blast and I love when we get to bring them along 🙂

  2. I would like to hear more about your adventures! We plan a longer trip too and I would like to get some good ideas how we can manage the trip with a not really car-friendly pup :o)

  3. That was a long drive with two big dogs, lol! Glad they mostly relaxed, slept and were good travelers. We recently took a long trip from OH to TX and really appreciated dog friendly restaurants and hotels and the apps and websites that made it easy to find them while on the road. Almost every restaurant (patios) we visited had friendly servers that would bring a bowl of water for the dog! Enjoy your week!

    • I definitely need to find a good app to download for dog friendly places. I was constantly searching each individual city as we were driving. Do you have a favorite app that you use?

      • I’ve had the most luck with BringFido (website or app), but I just downloaded the PetPaws app which looks interesting. They are still updating the app with data for my area, but I’m anxious to check back soon and see how well it works. BringFido is still my go-to site/app when traveling.

  4. Oh wow! That’s a long road trip! Although, I have been on the road much longer…almost a week on the road to Florida!
    We are glad the dogs are having a fun time, smelling all of the new smells and having yummy treats. And…did you say nap? That’s what cats do best! Catnap for the dogs! …Or maybe, dognap? MOL!
    xxMikko and Jax

  5. I’m glad your trip is going well! I loved your hotel pictures!! 😀

    When we moved from Oregon to California, our moving truck trailer blew a tire! What would of been a 12-13 hour trip turned into a 20 hour trip!! It was so stressful. Zoe and Phoenix were not happy at all.

  6. What a long drive, but how pawsome!

    When I was a little girl, we used to bring our dog on a 12-hour drive to Michigan at least once a year. She was a good traveler. I think my 3 dogs would do find–as they love the car–but I don’t know if we could do a 30-hour trip. We’d have to make a lot of stops for running!

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  7. We have been taking trips of all lengths since we were puppies and a 25-30 hr drive is no problem. We all just get comfy and rest until Mom says time for a break. Now that Katie is older, a long ride is hard on her joints, but we still take her most of the time. Bummer about getting sick in the hotel, but…better than your own home 😉 Mom always packs cleaning stuff too, it is a must!

  8. Thirty hours? THIRTY HOURS? MOUSES!

    Furthest I’ve ever been in the car is my doctor’s office / hospital. It’s five minutes away. Once, there was road construction and the trip took ten minutes. I almost didn’t survive.


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