From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting it as an accessory, here are some of my confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Please tell me you can relate!

The other day, I was sitting outside enjoying the warm sun with Mauja and Atka drinking a glass of wine. After a few minutes, I noticed a very large pyr fur stuck to the inside of my glass, part of it in the wine. I reached in, pulled out the fur, and took another sip without a second thought. That made me wonder – what other confessions do I have as a Great Pyrenees mom?

  • I have pulled a piece of pyr fur out of the dinner I was cooking and then served it to family.
  • I have a heated blanket and a powerful space heater to keep myself warm in my own home. Yes, I’m naturally a cold person, but I keep the house at an extra level of cold for Mauja and Atka ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Speaking of keeping things cool – I blast the heat in my car so I can keep the windows down for the dogs.

From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting it as an accessory, here are some of my confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Please tell me you can relate!

  • I have spilled red wine on my white dog. Yes, her butt was pink for a few days.
  • I’ve been slightly disappointed when I couldn’t find Halloween costumes to fit the fluffies.
  • I have gotten a hand cramp from trying to hold and operate their giant nail clippers.
  • I rarely do arm workouts at the gym anymore. Grooming the fluffies is all the arm strength training I need.

From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting it as an accessory, here are some of my confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Please tell me you can relate!

  • I’ve perfected the fake a laugh at the oh so original, ‘What are you walking? A polar bear?!” comment from strangers (as well as calmly respond to these comments).
  • A pyr paw to the face left me with a bruised eye – that was tough to explain to people without giant breeds. Not to mention the destroyed arms due to a pyrย paw with freshly cut nails.
  • I have turned down vacations because I couldn’t find a dog sitter who could handle pyr traits.
  • I have stopped watching favorite shows because there were too many noises that made Mauja and Atka bark.
  • I have chased down strangers just to pet their Great Pyrenees (most recently through the streets of downtown Seattle).
  • I buy almost everything Great Pyrenees-related I find and am never let down by a pyr-themed gift.

From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting it as an accessory, here are some of my confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Please tell me you can relate!

  • I have purchased a house with the most important criteria being a large yard for the fluffies.
  • I have drool rags stashed strategically around the house. Although, they somehow always manage to find my pant leg first.
  • I’ve spent far too many hours searching for a pyr-sized pool.

From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting it as an accessory, here are some of my confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Please tell me you can relate!

  • Lint rollers are in each car and every bag I own, but I only use them if I’m going somewhere particularlyย important. Most of the time, I accept the fur as an accessory.
  • Our house doesn’t have central air, and while it doesn’t get too warm out here, I purchased a portable A/C unit to keep the fluffies extra cool and happy.
  • I have been dragged face-first through mud at the end of the leash by an overzealous adolescent pyr.
  • I cried a little when Mauja and Atka snubbed the toddler beds I spent weeks refinishing and sewing mattress covers for.

Alright, your turn. Fess up! What confessions do you have as a Great Pyrenees mom?

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From pulling white dog fur out of a wine glass to accepting fur as an accessory, I have many confessions as a Great Pyrenees mom. Click through to read them and please tell me you can relate!


49 comments on “Confessions of a Great Pyrenees Mom”

  1. yup, we adopted 2 GP last year. Both of them dig holes in the backyard and then lay down in them. The more sand the better lol.

  2. My rescued Pyr will not sleep in a bed, but prefers the hardwood floors. I’m not getting any younger, so I bought *myself* a dog bed so I can comfortably lounge on the floor to pet her.
    (Cheaper than buying two big floor pillows, and hey, the cover is removable & washable!)

  3. Our boy who is 50% pyree has his own couch. The fur is an accessory. I only invite people over that isn’t bothered by the white fur floating! I too have to watch whey he hears on tv because he needs to bark and protect!!! I have bruises on my calves and arms from those LOVE swats aka pyree paw!!! I spoon with him unti he gets too warm and has to get up!!!! I’ve been dragged to the ground because he was too anxious to play with another dog๐Ÿ˜œHe is my heartbeat โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  4. We bought a large SUV so are PYR would be comfortable when we go for a drive. I created an Instagram account for my PYR. no_fuss_gus . And now we are selling our house to buy property with lots of acres so we can be foster parents for PYR’s in need for adoption. We will be using Gus Instagram account to highlight the foster PYR children for adoption.

  5. I have a 14-year old pyr (the vet today told me he’s the oldest pyr she has ever encountered). I don’t invite people over unless they are on the “pyr-approved” list of visitors. I have spilled tea on my pyr, staining him brown for days. I have trained my kids how to fall properly when between the dog and someone knocking on the door. I have finally outsmarted the dog when it comes to dog-proofing the darn cat food (it only took a combined 6 advanced degrees and over a decade). I totally picked the dog hair out of the treats I brought for my kids’ school bake sale. And I’m saving his blown-coat for making yarn for a scarf, because I know my fur-soulmate won’t be with me much longer. Those pyrs really take a piece of your soul!!

  6. I keep the flood lights on so my Pyrenees don’t get sacred & bark all night. I also live on top of a mountain so they can enjoy the top of a mountain all to themselves.

  7. I do a bum check every time she poops to make sure nothing’s stuck in the fluff. If there is, I wipe it for her because I know she won’t notice. I think it’s adorable.

  8. First time gp owner our baby is 7 months today I named him moose he has already out grown our 2 year old lab/dane/mastiff we didn’t figure drool would be a problem since we were already used to it but nobody could have filled us in on the joys of them playing they drool all over each other so much they look like they just got sprayed with a waterhose but doesnt stop them from getting pet also does everyone else’s furbaby have the instant calm spot if you rub his chest he melts into a puddle and stays there until you can’t rub anymore then turns back into the bouncy puppy

    • Yes! I thought they all had that! Note on toenails and dewclaws. I have found tinsnips to be the best clippers for my girls!

      • Okay, my pyr can be sound asleep and as soon as I get the clippers out she jumps up and runs away. Afraid I am going to have to take her to the vet to get them done as one of her dew claws has gotten really bad. Any suggestions? On another note, I have been accused of spoiling my ‘little’ girl Remy. She has decided she doesn’t want to eat in the kitchen with her siblings at night so I have to take her bowl into another room so she eats in peace. She is a mass of frustrations but cute as hell and we love her!!

  9. I have shopped for a vehicle using whether or not my Put can safely get in and out without my having to lift him! his 147 vs my 113

    • We ended up with a mini-van for this reason! The SUV’s were too high! In the mini-van they can stand without hitting their heads! LOL!

  10. Hi, Your Pups are beautiful! We are with a Pyr rescue, and we have 2 1/2 girls, (one’s a pyr/husky mix) and about to adopt a pyr boy we are fostering from the rescue. My first foster fail, Chloe, was so happy she was going to have her furever home, she had 8 puppies on our couch! Let’s just say that we’re used to having the house, and everything we own having it’s own layer of white floating around!

  11. I’ve realized that all the fluff, dirty floors slobbery walls and destruction from being gigantic is worth all the hugs and kisses. There is no other being that will love you as much.

  12. I invested in a shop vac for the fur from my 3 yr old pry. His name is polar. Shop vac help with all the fur but honestly I don’t ever have company so sometimes I just let the fur float around. I have also taught polar to come to me when he need his mouth wiped. After he drinks water or after a meal he come to me so I can wipe his mouth. He is spoiled and I love him as much as my children (sometimes more lol)

  13. Standing in the middle of the hiking trail. Waiting for my pyr to decide he is cool and rested enough to get up and move on. He has me well trainex!!

  14. You got me with the a/c comments (no central air, but my pyrs have their own portable unit). Me too. So many things distinguish them from other canids and us from other “owners”. The hair, yup, I save it too. Gonna make an Afghan out of my pyr hair (when I can find someone to spin it). The house hair is a condiment/accessory/decoration. I got over the hair ‘issue’ pretty quickly with my first pyr.
    In my experience, a raised from puppy companion pyr is the sweetest, most intuitive true friend a human could have.
    I lost my dearest friend Cobi last November after the best seven years of my life (she did not wake up after a teeth cleaning at her vet). Although I had plans for a new puppy, in tribute to her and the breed, I adopted two bonded older pyrs rescued from Texas. So much the same, but very different at the same time.
    It’s good to know that there are other people who have been touched by these wonderful creatures and able to share.

  15. I take my pyr’s out in the car and drive for hours when it is firework season, because one of them is scared to death of the noises and bangs.

    I am moving to France so that my pyr’s can have lots of land and places to walk free instead of having to put up with crowded woods and beaches in the UK.

    I found a pool about 2 meters diameter and about a meter deep and I had to get in it to show them it was OK.

    My male pyr was always pulling me over in the mud when he was an adolescent, he would see a dog he wanted to play with, or a fox to chase away or a person who looked like they would give him a cuddle.

    I have spent hours running after a ball I have thrown to encourage my pyr’s to play fetch…. they just look at me as if to say you threw it you go get it.

    I love making snow angels with my pyr’s.

    I also ended up with a black eye from a pyr paw.

    I have had dogs all my life well GSD’s and got my first pyr about 14 years ago. They are definitely a test of patience, and the most stubborn belligerent breed, but I love them and now I wouldn’t be without one.

  16. Our Pyr/Anatolian rescue gives us, & everyone she encounters, 160lbs of joy every day. After 11yrs w/a mellow Newfie, our Pyr’s personality really amped up the laughs in our family: giant “drewelcicles”, unabashed determination to get in the middle of us in bed, on the couch,&everywhere, her cautious aversion to anything new or different in her surroundings, and her unlimited social curiosity&affection. People pull over to meet her,or shout out how gorgeous she is. She sits &basks in the attention. Surviving the puppy stage was a challenge. I even had a well meaning woman approach me in the grocery store to ask if I needed domestic violence intervention because of the bruises on my arms. What a sweet lady! Those Pyr pawing days are long gone, but as our Pyr Lola ages, I treasure every minute, memory, bruise, drewel, dew claw clip,howl/chat, tail chasing dance &hair pile.

  17. I just ran across this site today & I could NOT be happier to have found it! I, too, have severe Pyr issues – I just cannot get enough! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pyr mugs/sweatshirt/leggings/tennis shoes – I could go on… ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a Lola, too – the most beautiful, calm, sweet angel you’ve ever seen – until she barks – you all know what I’m talking about! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that all of you love your babies as much as I love mine – I cannot imagine my life without her. I’ve never done a DNA & she’s a rescue – I know she’s not full Pyr – we just got her to 74 pounds down from 90 – but she has ALL of the characteristics of a full Pyr. People are drawn to her – as I was – her gentle eyes – you can see her soul. I, too, cherish every bit of drool, hair, furniture that’ll never look nice as I keep blankets on for her to lay on, etc., because as mentioned, she is an angel on earth. My favorite is her love for all children & their love for her – in dog parks they are just amazed by how ‘white & fluffy’ she is & I love how loving she is to all little ones. I will be checking back often – it makes my heart happy to read about other people’s love for this amazing breed! Have a great weekend, everyone!

  18. I have actually trained my two Pyrs to be off leash and to stay around by using a very good gps system that tells me where they are at all times. When they were younger I would pick them up in my farm truck immediately if they went out too far and for years now they know where they are allowed to go and where they are not. We have a large country property and they protect us from the cayotes and wild pigs. They are lovey and sweet. Why do people stick them in a field and not interact with them? My dogs protect all my other animals and they are wonderful companions to me. It is sad to see all of the pyranees in this part of Texas just wandering around on the road. Any way loved your confessions!

  19. I lost my GP Yuki last week. She would have been 11 years old in July. She had cancer in her back legs and by last week, she wasn’t eating or drinking. I got her ashes yesterday and I’m missing her so much! My heart is breaking! I love her so much, I just can’t handle how bad this hurts. Thank you for this. I wish I had found it sooner. I wish I had taken a lot more pictures of us together. If your blessed to have a GP, take tons of selfies. I miss my baby so much ๐Ÿ’”

    • If you are able, plant a tree or a memorial garden. We have one in our backyard and it has helped me. I am so sorry to hear of your great loss. All my fur babies ashes will be buried with me someday. I will never be without them or let them be without me. Again, my condolences.๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜ข

  20. My adult son and I rescued a pure pyr girl and her son, pyr/retriever mix. They had been neglected and abused, brought from a state from which I had been rescued. She had asthma and he seizures. Had never been in a house before. One night she alerted and barked at something in kitchen. After a search for predators, realized she was barking at her reflection in a blue glass pitcher, had to put it away. About 6 mos after rescue my son almost died from severe brain injury. Because of the weeks in coma, I almost sent them back back. But I realized I survived because she were there for me. In the middle of the night, unable to sleep,she and I talked about being rescued. Both dogs were so gentle, reassuring and intuitive as he recovered,.she was much older than reported and died in December. The abuse finally took them both. He died 3 months later. Miss them beyond words. Had great dogs all my life. Will not be without for long. We will rescue again, not quite yet. First puppy coming in June, another in July. Thanks for you stories

  21. We spent around $2000 for a child safety fance to put around our pool, when we are not home, for the safety of our Pyrs. By the way, we don’t have any small children. We have a dog door, so when they are sneaky and go for a swim, unattended, they come inside and flood the house with all there fur. ๐Ÿ˜†. Also, we changed all the color and decor in our house when we moved in so that the dog hair would blend in better! I also search out Pyr. meet and greet adoption events just so I can swing by and cuddle. My hubby said I am at my limit, so I can’t have any more.๐Ÿ™

  22. I’m not a Pyr mom but I am a Husky mom so we share a lot of the same confessions! The main difference, no drool rag needed for the Husky!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  23. Our Pyre patrols our yard barking as she goes, then a few minutes of quite, and then the patrol starts all over.

    Mud… mud not only do we have white fur but we have piles of dirt on the floors and anything else in the room thought about buying stock in dusting supplies.

    She owns the couch or the kitchen floor and she might let you share.

    Always close the door to the bathroom or you will have a pyrs joining you.

    But, we love her and wouldn’t change her well maybe a little less barking.

  24. i saw LARGE kiddie pools at tractor supply! they were in the shape of a bone and definitely big enough for pyrs. i almost bought one for mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. We bought the coolest folding heavy duty ramp on Amazon. It holds 200 lbs and makes it so easy for our 8 month old, Maggie to get in and out of our F150 dual cab. I think it’s called Solvit Ramp. It was only about $50. It’s a light weight but heavy duty plastic type of material with a gritty finish on the ramp so they don’t slip. We love it and so does Maggie.

  26. I have a 7 month old Pry/Meremma mix. She is notty and nice. Sits on the seventh command. We are on a farm, only chickens and she has set her boundaries as to how far she will go. She so far has not gone to the road and I drive her to where we walk. I don’t have drool issues happily. And she has only barked 3 times so far.We have had to purchase a new canoe for our holidays so she can enjoy them with us. Best thing about her is her love for Grandchildren. The toddler can do anything to her and she takes it. My only issue with her is she swims in the pond then comes in the house and the mud dries and falls off the fur onto the floor. I wake up in the morning to a white dog and a sandbox as a floor. Love our Lok’s.

  27. I tell my family the drool they get adorned with is “Just love slobber”. I also pick hair out of cups and continue drinking food I’m cooking and serve it up, wear it every day. Love my pyrenees

  28. During the chewing phase of Lucy our GP, which she did a lot of. Mostly when we were at work of course. I started saving boxes for her to chew up. Cereal, food boxes of any kind. We would come home to a house filled with torn up boxes in little pieces. It saved the rest of the house. Now she chews on nothing. She a happy dog and loves her yard. We actually play revoling door game all day. But we love her hair,barking and all

  29. We adopted our our 8 years ago and we’re renting a townhouse. Our rescue facility lied and said she was half border collie half Pyr. After the first vet visit when they told us she was pure bred we immediately started looking to buy a house. She out grew our townhouse in 3 weeks! I also never cook food for people cause I can’t keep the hair out of it. Also have definitely pulled a pyr hair from nose. No idea how it got up there.

  30. I’m new to being a GP mom! We rescued a Pyr 4 mos ago to join our family and our other dogs, a 7 yr old Mini Aussie and a 5 yr old Corgi. I’ve never had a giant breed dog but my husband had had several, including a couple of Saint Bernards. I can get used to the deep bark…and the size…and the hair (thanks to a furminator!)…but I cannot get used to the chewing! Everything! Remote controls, books from a table, whatever. At what age do they stop the destructiveness? Or how can we reprimand her for chewing that will get through to her?? The rescue said she was 3 years old…but we’re thinking she may not be 3. The vet had just spayed her right before we rescued her. She’s such a sweetheart. Has the sweetest disposition and is super friendly. Loves to lay her head in our laps and just snuggle. We do give her all sorts of chew toys, but she’s left alone with our other two dogs while we work during the day. Thoughts? Help? Encouragement?

  31. I am still new to being a Pyr mom but so far every word is true. I would love to know where to get that phone case! I need one!

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