An interesting encounter really made me think about how I feed my dogs. Here's why I feed my Great Pyrenees grain-free dog food #GrainFreeForMe

I Have Celiac, but That’s Not Why I Feed Grain-Free

I have Celiac disease. If you’re not familiar with Celiac, I’m certain you’re familiar with the gluten-free trend. For people with Celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS), a gluten-free lifestyle isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

Recently, I was out with Atka browsing the pet food aisle. I’m not sure why (maybe I’m a tad weird), but I enjoy looking at all of the available commercial foods, studying the ingredients, and then pulling out my phone to continue the research. Plus, it gives me ample time to work on down-stays with Atka.

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An interesting encounter really made me think about how I feed my dogs. Here's why I feed my Great Pyrenees grain-free dog food #GrainFreeForMe

While I was looking through some of the Wellness® products, I ran into an individual I work with. We are not close, but there have been enough events that I’ve declined so she knows I’m gluten-free. She looked at me, looked at my cart, looked back at me, and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. You even force your DOG to eat gluten-free?!”

I didn’t know what to say. Yes, Mauja and Atka consume a grain-free diet of commercial pet food and homemade food. While they have not always been on a grain-free diet, their switch happened before my diagnosis, when they reached adulthood.

Unfortunately, when this individual commented about my feeding practices, I was so caught off-guard that I didn’t know how to answer. Now that I’ve composed myself, here are my top 3 reasons for feeding my Great Pyrenees Wellness Complete Health™ grain-free food.

  1. Grain-free food provides more of a nutritional punch. Rather than being full of empty calories and nutrients, they get “more of the good stuff”, such as chickpeas, flaxseed, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, apples, and blueberries. In Wellness dog food, this includes natural ingredients with high-quality protein for full energy, prebiotics and probiotics to support healthy digestion, and vitamins A & E to support healthy immune system.
  2. Grain-free food can help alleviate allergies. Great Pyrenees are prone to both food and environmental allergies, so I wanted to be cognizant of that fact when determining their diet. Grains are a popular allergen trigger for this breed.
  3. Grain-free diets can help prevent ear infections, stomach upset, and other gastrointestinal issues. If Mauja and Atka are comfortable and happy, I’m happy too.
  4. A bonus, yet selfish, reason. Feeding grain-free food helps keep me healthy! I can get very sick from simply breathing in the air particles of their food or scratching my face while feeding them. The fluffies do not accept a sick mom who skips walks 😉

Atka’s Wellness Complete Health Update

Atka has been on Wellness Complete Health for just over a month now. We are using Wellness as his food base to ensure he is getting all of his essential vitamins and minerals, but then add a topper of homemade food. The Complete Health line offers everything he needs, but I always like to add a little something extra 😉

As completely shocked as I am to say this, Atka’s itching has disappeared in the last month. We did have Atka on a completely homemade diet and did not see any improvement, so we were getting quite frustrated. I tried a lot of experimenting, but I couldn’t seem to alleviate the itching.

An interesting encounter really made me think about how I feed my dogs. Here's why I feed my Great Pyrenees grain-free dog food #GrainFreeForMe

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t know why the itching has ceased since the switch, but I’m not going to question it! Atka loves the food, he’s not itching, and I know he’s getting great nutrition – I’m a happy pyr mom <3

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An interesting encounter really made me think about how I feed my dogs. Here's why I feed my Great Pyrenees grain-free dog food #GrainFreeForMe

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21 comments on “I Have Celiac, but That’s Not Why I Feed Grain-Free #GrainFreeForMe”

  1. I am glad that you found something that helps the dogs and doesn’t bother you. Anyone who knows you would never think that you “make” your dogs eat grain-free because of your celiac. You only do what is best for Mauja and Atka. ♥

  2. Ugh some people can be so rude. Always do what’s best for you and your pets. Grain free has great benefits…thanks for sharing!

  3. How rude of your coworker to say that! Some people have no tact. We feed a grain-free and sometimes even raw diet to the cats. It is just so much healthier, and like you said, it helps cut down on allergies. My cat Sophie can’t have food with grain in it, or her stomach gets very upset. Wobbly cat + upset tummy = smelly, messy cat who needs a bath! lol. Since switching to Wellness grain free a few years ago, her bowel issues have disappeared! Glad it is working for Atka too!

  4. I’m hoping she didn’t mean that is as rudely as it came across online. We also feed our dogs a grain free diet, despite the fact that only one seems to have an issue with allergies.

  5. We love Wellness grain free food too! I am not sure what to think of them saying that to you. Geesh! Some people! In my opinion, Wellness food is PAWSOME! In my pups opinion, they love it! They are healthy happy pups and like you said, going grain free has helped my itchy girl with the skin allergies!

  6. People get so annoyed with what they think are food trends, but I’m glad eating healthier and paying attention to the effects of food on our bodies and our dogs is becoming mainstream. We love Wellness too!

  7. I also have Celiac Disease, so I can understand what you are saying. Truffle and Brulee eat as healthy as I can feed them, but I must admit, some of their food has grain in it. Brulee is so picky and she won’t always eat what is good for her. I love Wellness so I need to try out the products for cats.

  8. Thanks for going on a limb with this post! I’m always shocked by some people’s audacity when speaking with others folks! I’m sorry you had that encounter but I’m glad it helped you to articulate some of the reasons why you benefit from gluten free and why the dogs benefit from grain free, specifically wellness! We haven’t tried this brand but may consider switching because of our dog’s itching even with her current grain free food!

  9. I can’t believe that woman was so rude & insensitive! What a baffoon. I’m so glad Wellness is working so well for your dogs, especially Atka!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Grain free is good ideal. If you are dealing with allergies the best thing is allergy testing. My pyrenees is allergic to peanut butter and oats. I give allergy injections to help with his inhalant allergies. No more scratching!

  11. All 4 of my sweet babies love Wellness I change the type of meat each time I buy their food. My 2 pups are now 8 months and have eaten Welliness since 3 weeks of age. To me grain free is the only way to feed.

  12. Kelsie, you make several valid points. My partner and my wife are NCGS so I understand. Being dog lovers we are also believers in a grain free diet for our dogs. We tested them for histamine and other neurotransmitters. When on grain free kibble and probiotics the histamine levels (inflammation) in our youngest was reduced.

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