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A Pyrenean Christmas | 2017

Join us this holiday season by enjoying some beautiful Great Pyrenees Christmas photos.

I absolutely cannot get enough of Great Pyrenees Christmas photos, which is why every year I love to poll the pyr community to round up some amazing photos. Merry Christmas and enjoy these adorable photos! I’ll be sharing Christmas photos of Mauja, Atka, and Kiska in the next few days ūüôā (click on a photo […] Read more…

Kiska: Great Pyrenees 11 Weeks

Watch our Great Pyrenees puppy, Kiska, as she grows!

How are we at 11 weeks already?! This little floof nugget is growing like a weed. Weight:¬†19 pounds Height at withers:¬†¬†16 inches Length (shoulders to base of tail):¬†¬†17.5 inches Favorite treat:¬†Orijen Regional Freeze-Dried Treats Favorite chew:¬†Thin, curled bully sticks Favorite thing to chew:¬†Couches and coffee tables Favorite toy:¬†Toys that ‚Äúcrinkle‚ÄĚ (wonder when that will change!) […] Read more…