Raw is confusing.

I’ll admit, I’ve been curious about raw, but I have no desire to feed it full time to the fluffies. They are both doing wonderful on their kibble and being a vegetarian, I much prefer dealing with that than raw meat.

However, I do like to mix things up with the fluffies. I have trouble keeping weight on them so adding a topper to their regular kibble helps keep them interested and eating. The Bravo Homestyle Complete dinners are pyrfect to add as a topper or to feed to your dog full time.

One complaint I’ve heard about raw is that it is difficult to travel with. The Bravo dinners are a complete freeze-dried meal that make for easy travel. They contain raw meat, organ meat, vegetables, and cranberries for a well-rounded, nutrient-complete meal. Even better, the meals are USA made, grain and gluten free, and free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients.

The dinners are super easy to make. Simply measure the food and water into your dog’s bowl and let sit for 15 minutes.

Bravo Homestyle Complete

I recommend trying to be sneaky so your dog doesn’t know what you’re doing. The fluffies immediately smelled the food and came out to the kitchen to investigate. They were not happy when I left the food on the counter rather than give it to them.

Great Pyrenees

“Umm… excuse me. I’d like my dinner please.”

Great Pyrenees

“Mom, why are you sitting on the couch. My bowl is just sitting out here on the counter. Just sitting here!”

I’m sure the fluffies think it was the longest fifteen minutes EVER. Even though I repeatedly told them it was best to let the food soak up the water, they whined and pawed at me. I think we were all happy when the fifteen minutes was up.

I added some of their kibble to the mixture and it was time to eat. Dinner was consumed in record time. Both bowls were licked completely clean.

I had some satisfied fluffies.

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21 comments on “Bravo Homestyle Complete”

  1. What a cute photo with his head on the counter! That sounds like a great way to add some variety to the meal also. Harley does well with his regiment of dry food, fresh veggies and ground chicken so I will probably stay with that menu for now. Thanks for sharing this information with us!

  2. That waiting for a bowl of food that seems to be ready is hard for us too. Every morning our full bowls sit on the counter for a good 20 mins before we get to eat, so we have learned to wait but we all circle around and keep a close eye on them. We don’t do raw either, and are happy with our quality kibble.

    • It does tend to be pretty common in pyrs, especially as they are growing. They really only eat when hungry and because they have a slow metabolism, they aren’t hungry very often!

  3. That photo, and the expression on the dog’s face (sorry I don’t know which one it is) staring at you is hysterical!! At least two of mine would be planted in the kitchen and probably refuse to budge for the whole 15 minutes!
    I feel the same as you do about raw, but I’d be willing to try this too. Luke gets bored with plain kibble and we usually have to add a little something to it for him.

  4. I SO know what you mean about being a vegetarian and handling meat… the things I would never do for anyone but my pets! When I began feeding raw there were no freeze dries products on the market so we had to feed kibble when traveling for more days than the cooler could hold of Tynan’s raw food. Now I am overwhelmed by all of the freeze dried options. Unfortunately, the first I heard of Bravo was when they issued a recall a few weeks ago but that doesn’t deter me from wanting to check out their prices and quality at some point. What it comes down to with freeze dried for us is how well the dogs and cat do on it- it is often not as good for their digestive systems as frozen or fresh.

  5. I admit that I am an instant gratification gal (and also a poor planner when comes to preparing meals) so waiting 15 whole minutes for a food to soak up water kills me. However, I have used several dehydrated raw food and I don’t always wait for it to reconstitute completely. Chester and Gretel always drink any remaining water in there because it tastes yummy. I figure as long as the correct amount of water is going into the tummy, it’s not super crucial it’s in the food before it goes down.

  6. Bain’s favorite food is hamburger meat. Occasionally I’ll add it into his food if I have to much, and cook a portion of it plain for him.

    If I don’t have extra, and I decide to make tacos he gives the same look as the hallway photo above!

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