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5 Things I Wish People Knew About Great Pyrenees

5 Things I Wish People Knew About Great Pyrenees (before bringing one home)

You Might Have a Great Pyrenees If…

You might have a Great Pyrenees if...

A Beginner’s Guide to Great Pyrenees

Have you thought about adding a Great Pyrenees to your family? Here's a basic guide to determine if a pyr might be a good fit!

Meet the Giants: Great Pyrenees

Meet the Giants: Great Pyrenees

Will My Great Pyrenees Bark All the Time?

Great Pyrenees are often surrendered to rescues due to breed-specific trait. Here's what to expect and how to handle Great Pyrenees barking.

Great Pyrenees: Myth or Fact?

When it comes to the Great Pyrenees breed, do you know what is myth and what is fact? We have 7 common statements about pyrs with information on their validity!

My Great Pyrenees Won’t Come When Called!

Does your Great Pyrenees fail to come when called? You're not alone. While you'll probably never have a 100% reliable recall with your pyr, there is another way to ensure your dog stays safe.

Great Pyrenees Badger Marks

What are badger marks on Great Pyrenees and how do they change?

What I’ve Learned from My Great Pyrenees

My Great Pyrenees have taught me many life lessons over the past few years.

What to Feed Your Giant Breed Puppy

I Thank My Great Pyrenees for Barking

Yes, you read that right. I thank my Great Pyrenees for barking. Here's why...

Does Positive Reinforcement Work for Great Pyrenees?

Does Positive Reinforcement Work for Great Pyrenees?

Why Are Giant Breeds More Expensive?

Why are giant breeds more expensive? It's not just the food.

Positive Training for Giant Breeds

Positive Pet Training: Giant Breed Edition

Why Do You Love Great Pyrenees?

We all have different reasons for loving this beautiful breed, but here are a few common reasons for loving Great Pyrenees!

Don’t Make These Comments To Great Pyrenees Owners

Has anyone ever made any of these comments to you about your Great Pyrenees? What did you think?

Grooming a Double Coated Dog

Great Pyrenees with #CHIforDogs dog grooming slicker brush