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The Girl

My name is Kelsie McKenzie and I’m the fur-covered girl behind the scenes. I have always loved dogs, but I have a soft spot for giant breeds, particularly Great Pyrenees. I am a rescue volunteer, marketing grad student, and responsible pet guardianship advocate. I dream of the day when every dog has a perfect home.

As a psychology major and military spouse, I see the struggles related to mental health. The Great Pyrenees has an amazing temperament for therapy work. As soon as we are ready, we will be visiting with military members suffering from PTSD and other mental illnesses. Dogs truly can make our lives better.




Meaning “soft, deep snow”, Mauja is a 5-year-old female. A little sassy and a whole lot sweet, Mauja is my pretty girl.



Meaning “guardian spirit”, Atka is a 5-year-old male. He’s full of puppy silliness and antics, but well on his way to becoming a certified therapy dog.



Meaning “pure”, Kiska is a 5-month-old female (as of 1/9/18). She was originally a foster who quickly turned foster fail.



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13 comments on “About”

  1. I just found your blog searching for pet-friendly Superbowl party tips and so glad I did.
    Hopefully you’ll get more followers from my FB post sharing that article.
    I run an Akita rescue in AZ, and a friend runs the local Pyr rescue, plus loving big dogs myself, I have a great appreciation for your service.
    Our website — your form here seems to want it to be a blog, lol, and I’d love to do one, but other priorities precede that right now — is =)

    • Hi Pam! I would look for a food with real meat as the first ingredient and no corn, soy, by-products, or artificial ingredients. We love Wellness and Only Natural Pet. You can look at dog food ratings at 🙂

  2. I just came across your blog and it is truly wonderful! I love your articles.
    All of your Instagram pictures made we want to post pictures of Cash (my 9 month old Pyr) doing the exact same things!

    I had a question for you:

    Mauja was close to 8 months when you got Atka?
    I am seriously considering a sister for Cash and I wanted some insight on the right age to do so.


  3. Kelsie,
    I am so happy to have found your blog! We have a 12 week old Great Pyr named Yeti! We have had him for almost 4 weeks now. He is doing wonderful with the house training (no accidents for 10+days now) with the potty bells, but he hates his crate. He is 50/50 when we crate him at night in our room with his fussing. We do take him out to potty at least 2-3 times overnight. During the day when I have to crate him for quick errands, he literally freaks out while we are gone. We come home with his paws and muzzle soaked with saliva. Did you have any issues like this with your Pyrs or heard of any crate aversion/serious separation anxiety problems with other Pyrs? We wont be crating him forever, but at 12 weeks old he cant be trusted to have the whole house to himself. At what point do you see Pyr owners stopping the crating for either overnight or errands? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

  4. Hi, we too live in WA State with our Great Pyr Badger. She is a 9 mos old female. I love seeing photos of your dogs off leash, we are still working on recall. I’ve always had labs so a dog that has their own agenda is new to us.
    If you are down south, I have a vet that does house calls and she is great and doesn’t mind the breed.

  5. Hi! I enjoy reading your articles, and your fur babies are beautiful!
    I and my wife are with the TX Great Pyrenees Rescue. My foster fail Chloe, has her own Facebook page dedicated to helping the group by posting pups needing a forever home. It’s Chloe’s Daily Diary. When Chloe came to our house as a rescue, I was sitting with her, and we had a nice talk, and she told me she wanted her own forever home. I decided then that she was my foster fail. She was so happy, 3 days later she showed us her appreciation by having 7 puppies on our couch. She was so skinny, she didn’t even look pregnant! My wife has her rescue Pyr Princess. In all, we have the 2 Pyrs, our Pyr/Husky Sassy, and one of Chloe’s pups, Lacey. We prefer fostering the mamas that are pregnant, or mamas with babies. Our place has had many litters go through it to their forever homes.
    Anyway, love your blog!

  6. Hi!! I just got a puppy pyr for my birthday. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!. His name is “Castiel” but we call him “Cas”(me and my husband are a supernatural fans). I was just looking on internet for information related to Great Pyrenees and I found your blog. I love it! It really gives me a lot of information about my puppy and what’s gonna happen once he gets older. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!

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