Struggling with what to get your Great Pyrenees for Christmas? Here are 10 fluffy favorites!

2016 Great Pyrenees Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling with what to get your Great Pyrenees for Christmas this year? Maybe you just need a few stocking stuffers to round out the gifts. If you’re looking for ideas, here are 10 of our favorites (tested and approved by Mauja and Atka!).

  1. XXL Kong. You can never have enough Kongs around the house. We stuff Kongs with wet food and give them to the fluffies before we leave for work.
  2. Jones Natural Chews Windees. If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve more than likely heard us talk about Windees. Not going to lie, they’re pretty gross (especially as a vegetarian), but the fluffies go nuts for them.
  3. The Green Pet Shop Cooling Pad. We have two of these and absolutely love them. They don’t have to be frozen or connected to electricity – the cooling pads chill themselves. We always have at least one in the SUV for road trips
  4. Bully sticks. Another fluffy favorite. We seem to find the best deals and quality bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks. Plus, they have many other chews and treats as well!
  5. Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Treats. Okay, I just think these are the coolest things ever. These crunchy treats are made with REAL SNOWFLAKES. Yes. You read that right. Mauja and Atka don’t care about the snowflakes, but the marketing definitely works on me πŸ˜‰
  6. Reliq Lavender Shampoo. Bath time seems to be a love or hate situation. Regardless of how your fluffy feels about baths, this lavender scented shampoo will provide a relaxing experience (psst… use code “ITSDOGORNOTHING” for 30% off your ReliqΒ order)
  7. Oster Grooming Rake. Keep the coat looking wonderful and functioning properly with a high-quality grooming rake. We’ve tested several over the years and have yet to find one we like more than this!
  8. Freedom Harness. This no-pull harness is great because it clips on the back (rather than the front like most no-pull harnesses). The material is durable and long-lasting.
  9. Bowtie. Everyone should have a special outfit for the Christmas festivities, right? These bowties from BrooklynBowtied are absolutely adorable! I’m pretty sure Atka needs one πŸ˜‰
  10. Big Barker Bed. If your pyr will actually use a bed rather than sleep on the hard floor, a Big Barker bed is a great choice. While it’s a pricey bed, you can’t beat the quality of the bed itself.

What will you be getting your dog for Christmas?

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Struggling with what to get your Great Pyrenees for Christmas? Here are 10 fluffy favorites!

5 comments on “2016 Great Pyrenees Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. My Ava (7mos) is getting an elevated sling-type bed, a kids rotating toothbrush (on the advice of a vet) with beefy dog toothpaste and a 3 foot bully stick. My guess is the bully stick will be the only one she’s interested in…and I expect it to be buried and dug up at least 20 times until it’s gone. lol Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this list! I’m really hoping to get my Polar bear the cooling mat before summer rolls around again. West Texas summers can be rough.

  3. Love ATKA’s resolution, “Close your mouth and swallow before walking away.” How is it working for you?
    Thanks for the gift list. Have Wellness food and BigBarker bed. The cooling pads sound like a necessity, and was wondering about a good grooming rake. Plan to do some new years shopping.

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