Still shopping for the Great Pyrenees lover on your list? Here are our top picks for the Great Pyrenees lover holiday gift guide.1. Great Pyrenees breed traits art: This artwork is a beautiful illustration of the Great Pyrenees breed traits. They are truly majestic.

2. White Fur FlyingThe story of a boy coming out of his shell with the help of several Great Pyrenees.

3. First we steal your heart teeThe rate at which they steal all three truly astounds me.

4. Pyrenees mom teeI need every version of this shirt that exists.

5. Blue Pyrenees watercolor: With a tongue like that, it could easily be Atka 😉

6. Great Pyrenees property lawsLove this – although, all three of mine still think it belongs to them if it’s broken!

7. Orange Pyrenees watercolorSo incredibly regal <3

8. Pyr silhouette necklace: This sterling silver necklace is gorgeous and pyrfect for anyone with a pyr silhouette obsession.

9. I work hard mugWhere did all my money go? Oh yeah, dog treats, dog chews, dog toys…

10. Reclaimed wood silhouette: Reclaimed wood + pyr silhouette = pyrfect.

11. Pyrenees heart necklaceI love that you can have this gorgeous necklace personalized!

12. 2018 calendar: I always have a Pyrenees wall calendar. Do I use it? Not really. Do I love to see the pictures every day? Absolutely.

13. Stubborn Great Pyrenees tricks mugI need this on a mug, a tee, a poster – pretty much on everything.

14. Pyr vineyards wall artThis would go pyrfectly above my wine bar (cough cough hint hint).

15. Home is where my Pyrenees isWherever my pyrs are is home to me <3


17. Wine glassWhy do I not have a set of Great Pyrenees wine glasses yet?

18. Heartbeat teeMy heart is guarded by Pyrenees <3

19. Car decalAnother pyr silhouette? Yes, please.

20. I like my Great Pyrenees tee: It’s funny because it’s true 😉

Find anything to add to your Christmas list or purchase for other Great Pyrenees lovers from this guide? 

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