12 Realities of Being a Dog Owner
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  1. Poop on your hands is not the end of the world. How many times has the poop bag broken or you just miscalculated the size? Wipe it off on the grass and don’t touch anything, but no need to hurry home.
  2. Speaking of poop, you will talk about poop more than you could have ever imagined. How did his poop look this morning? She had some runny poops last night. This makes for lovely dinner conversation.
  3. Complacency is not acceptable. Just because he didn’t chew the computer cord last time, doesn’t mean it won’t happen this time. Always be on your toes.
  4. Food on the floor is okay. I hear people who don’t own dogs have to pick up their food when they drop it on the floor. That’s not a problem in this house.
  5. Don’t assume it’s water. What did I step in? Is it water? Or pee? Did someone throw up? I can’t look, just tell me what it is!
  6. Keep the ‘pee ladle’ separate from the ‘food ladle’. Ever have to get a urine sample from a female dog? I suggest not using the ladle you use to serve food.
  7. Spelling words is second nature. Are you ready to take the dogs for a w-a-l-k? Think they are h-u-n-g-r-y? Do you want to take them to p-l-a-y?
  8. Dog fur is an accessory. Wear it proudly. Also, accept that it will be a garnish to many meals.
  9. Vacuuming is done daily. Or twice daily. Really, I could have a vacuum cleaner running 24/7 and would never keep up with the fur, dirt, leaves, and grass they bring inside.
  10. Your backyard will need to be on an episode of ‘Yard Crashers’. Don’t look at my backyard. Just don’t. Between the chewed on trees, digging spots, and dead grass, it’s a mess.
  11. Bedtime is not about your comfort. Let me just squeeze myself into this tiny open space with no covers so I don’t disturb anyone.
  12. Your wallet will never be full. I can’t tell you the last time I bought something for myself, but I did spend $150 the other day on dog food.

What am I missing? Anything you can add to the list?

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  1. We agree completely. Mom vacuums every day, twice a day. We agree with SlimDoggy, never again will we eat alone, we can’t even sneak food without them hearing!

  2. Hee! Great post. I’ve experienced #1 a time or two. (Maybe that should have been “#2” – hee.) For sure dog hair is an accessory/condiment at our house! 🙂 And I’ve learned something – use a ladle next time I need to get a pee sample! Great idea!

    • Haha! I found a dog hair in my food at a restaurant 3 hours from home once. They just cling to you and jump in your food regardless of where you are!

  3. Haha, I can definitely relate to these…Reality #13, no more excuses for not getting out and getting some exercise while you w-a-l-k the dog. You just can’t say no to that look on their face. Or, that hopeful look they give you when you’re getting ready to leave the house and they want to go for a r-i-d-e too, lol!

  4. How about you’ll spend more time preparing your dog’s food then your own?

    I remember making home made meals for my last dog when she had cancer and eating crackers and cheese over the sink myself.

    Great list. With enough dog lovers making suggestions, you could probably expand it to 100 or more. 🙂

    • That is a great one. My old dog, Rascal, completely stopped eating his food in his older days. I’d spend hours trying different combinations of foods to get him to eat something. I lived on cereal during that time.

  5. A lot of this stuff can apply to kitty owners, too 🙂 I cannot remember the last time I bought something for me, but it’s not unusual for me to put down $100+ at the vet every month for my special needs babies. They are worth it. They give us something money can’t buy – unconditional love <3

  6. Great list! My Mum’s always talking about poop!! And she just moaned a few minutes ago about the garden being in the house after she’s vacuumed! Tee Hee

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  7. Everything on your list is so very painfully true! I particularly love that ‘dog fur is an accessory and often a garnish to food’. I’m always doing the crazy dog hair in my mouth face!!

  8. Great list and all very true! Dogs are very smart animals and often look for more attention than children do. My mom has two dogs and will often tell me that they are often more work than children but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  9. Haha, excellent list! Vacuuming & sweeping is definitely part of our daily chores 😉 Besides having 2 pups of my own, I am also a dog walker & pet sitter, and I actually calculated how many piles of poop I’m picking up on a weekly basis…at least 100!!

  10. Hahaha!! Such a great list!! And very true!

    Poop on the hands though? ACK! I have a bad gag reflex for this kind of thing, so i’m very creative at times about picking up. LoL
    And nope we never assume it’s water we stepped in…the glories of having furbabies, the question at my house is, “dog or cat?”…but at least I have hard wood floors!


  11. BOL!! So glad we’re all on the same page w/ these. #2 and #7 are the ones we particularly relate to, although I suspect our Husky has learned to spell some of the key words… I’d add to your list what I like to call “Crotch Hunting”. Dogs will continually sniff your Lady and Man parts, that is if they are tall enough to reach them. Crotch Hunting isn’t rude, it’s merely a Canine Information Gathering system! Thanks for a great post!

  12. …oh boy, such mighty wise words!! I can definitely relate to everything you mentioned, particularly the occasional dog poop on my hands…just happened again a few days ago 😉 But so what, a tissue followed by warm water & soap takes care of that..

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