How do you keep your Great Pyrenees happy? Over the years, I've come up with my top 10 tips for a happy Great Pyrenees.

10 Tips for a Happy Great Pyrenees

I’m always trying to figure out what I can do to keep Mauja and Atka happy. While the fluffies are our whole world, I continually feel there is more I could do for them. After much thought, I came up with 10 tips for a happy Great Pyrenees.

Buy an expensive dog bed

Then watch the dog bed sit in the corner collecting dust while your Great Pyrenees prefers to lay on the cool, hard floor. Or completely take over your couch. One of the two.

Set up play dates

You want to keep your Pyrenees exercised and socialized. After 5 minutes of play, realize Pyrenees has settled into guard dog duty in the shade instead.

Schedule a spa day

High-end shampoo and conditioner, paw massages, and a thorough brushing to keep the coat functioning well. Catch Pyrenees rolling in the mud as soon as you get home.

Feed premium-quality food

Spend your day preparing healthy meals or purchase top of the line food for your Pyrenees. Cry when your Pyrenees snubs your high-quality, healthy meal.

Put out a baby pool

Search high and low for a Pyrenees-sized pool to keep him cool in the summer. Watch Pyrenees use it as a giant water bowl instead.

Prepare a Kong with favorite snacks

Notice Pyrenees get bored of the Kong after 5 minutes, before becoming even close to finishing it. This is true for most all treat-dispensing toys.

Buy presents for each holiday or celebration

Throw your hands up in despair as Pyrenees completely ignores the new toys.

Encourage sleeping and cuddling on the bed

Remember Pyrenees is massive and you have to sleep on the floor instead.

Allow guarding and barking

Both are necessary to satisfy instinctual needs and keep yourself safe. Learn that Pyrenees thinks the leaves blowing outside are threats (or any of these other 101+ reasons).

Offer all the kisses and snuggles in the world

Live your happiest lives together <3

Alright, tell the truth. Who can relate to these points?

How do you keep your Great Pyrenees happy?

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How do you keep your Great Pyrenees happy? Over the years, I've come up with my top 10 tips for a happy Great Pyrenees.

35 comments on “10 Tips for a Happy Great Pyrenees”

  1. All those things are too true. I have found my pyr loves walks, car rides, belly rubs, and treats.
    That’s about the extent of his favorite things except me, I’m his favorite person. Thankfully !

  2. I to love the one about the dog bed, my husband came home with a hug and costly dog bed for Chance. Put it down and left the room was gone about an hour and went back to see how he was enjoying it, and we found it all over the house. Still have it stuffed back in one bundle and it out in the in a store room, can’t bring myself to through it out cost to much and maybe someday I may make a new bed out of it.

  3. My Pyrenees (6 months) has her own miniature horse! They play and hang out together. They have their own barn and when the new bedding is put in they both try to roll around in it at the same time. So Kona is now Tinks guardian.

  4. I could not cope with a Pyrenean I know it, they are like me far too high maintenance!!! I love a comfortable bed, and a spa day and I am SO over toys in five minutes.

    These are really sensible and focused notes. Sometimes we need to have the obvious pointed out to us to bring us back to the here and now, so thank you for this.

  5. Like Cockers (my favorite breed), Great Pyrs get a lot of false info online. I am happy you are getting the word out about the do’s and dont’s. Way to go in keeping folks educated.

  6. This is awesome and made me giggle…and cry a little because, even though I don’t have Great Pyrenees, I can SO relate! 😉 Especially, the baby pool that Simon and Zora (labs for crying out loud) ignore and Piper (pit bull) is afraid of!

  7. Buy a $2000.00 living room set as your Pyrs new chew toy!!!! It is now in my mud room for them to sleep on (talk about expensive dog beds!!!) and it isn’t even paid off yet!! Have actually owned it for less than a year!! Found my next couch already….. $350.00 LOL!!! I did buy several actual dog beds…. and yes, they did sleep on them…. until they found out they made GREAT chew toys and it looked like I had green snow in my house for MONTHS!!!! Live and learn!

  8. I have to big males, Moby and Samson. Moby is a great dog but horrible Pyr. No barking, no craziness…. Samson on the other hand, does is all. He barks,digs, looks at me like I’m crazy when I call him in, sits out in the rain… horrible dog but wonderful Pyr. Neither do beds, or kongs. Sammy will chase a thrown baby. While Berners are my favorite breed I’ll always have atleast one of these guys. Then are wonderful dogs

  9. I gave my Pyr two ginger kittens. Best plaything ever! They sleep with him and make him play. He abandoned his expensive bed for a foam futon, which iis now his. He fits your profile perfectly.

  10. Ike thinks the purpose of any stuffed item (bed, toy,pillows) is to figure out the fastest way to get inside and distribute the stuffing. The more dog proof it is, the bigger the challenge and more exciting it is to destroy. I t also think he looks at the price tag- if its cheap forget it.

  11. You so hit the mark, but my 120 pd pyre mix loves beds WITH PILLOW !!! I found used baby mattress at yard sale , he sleeps on that in tv room. Then has extra cushy bed in his crate he likes to sleep upsidedown on . And spends part of night in my bed. he just makes tbe bed rounds all night. Lol. . .we rescued him at 4 months. We spent SO MUCH on dog toys. . .his favorite is an empty gallion water jug. . . Ictry to rencourage him to dig because he so loves it. Does happy spins inbetween bouts of digging. I just fill them back in later. Marlow just turned 4.

  12. LoL – great list, so true. My boy is now 3 and actually does have a favorite toy, a bright orange squeeky squirrel. Then he loves empty water bottles. He also loves our long walks together, as do I. One annoying habit he has that I can’t seem to break is his obsession with his food in the dish. He just keeps trying to either bury it or scoop it out with his nose. But, what can I do? He’s my best friend in the world! Lots of love for my boy!

  13. I can relate but with my two cats Coco and Cotton. I haven’t thrown out the two beds I bought over 2 years ago, which they have yet to sleep on. I think about them at nights when I try to turn and find my legs hindered by cats on my blanket. And all the toys are abandoned in favor of candy or anything stolen from my purse, my emery boards, or just digging my clothes out of my drawer and unto the floor if I ever forget to close it.
    Oh yeah and I can leave no usb cord unmonitored. To top it off they are totally unrepentant and give me so much attitude after the fact, I can’t help but crack up as I wonder, who really owns who?

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